Top 20 Italian Baby Names

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Naming your child based on the popularity (or lack thereof) of the name is one strategy that parents take when naming their baby. If you name your child Quintilio, he may never meet another person with that name in his entire life. But if you name your new bambina Maria, she'll probably share her name with thousands of others.

What is the top female Italian baby name? Is Luigi still a popular name for boys in Italy? If you're wondering what Italian baby names are the most popular, this list represents the top 20 masculine and feminine Italian baby names registered by baptism throughout Italy.

Feminine Masculine
1 Sofia Francesco
2 Giulia Alessandro
3 Giorgia Andrea
4 Martina Lorenzo
5 Emma Matteo
6 Aurora Mattia
7 Sara Gabriele
8 Chiara Leonardo
9 Gaia Ricardo
10 Alice Davide
11 Anna Tommaso
12 Alessia Giuseppe
13 Viola Marco
14 Noemi Luca
15 Greta Federico
16 Francesca Antonio
17 Ginerva Simone
18 Matilde Samuele
19 Elisa Pietro
20 Vittoria Giovanni

Name Days Are Twice the Fun

As if one birthday celebration a year wasn't enough, Italians traditionally celebrate twice! No, Italy hasn't perfected human cloning yet. Instead, everyone marks not only their birthdate but their name day (or onomastico, in Italian). Children are often named for saints, typically for the saint on whose feast day they were born, but sometimes for a saint for whom the parents feel a special connection or for the patron saint of the town they live in. June 13, for example, is the feast day of St. Antonio, the patron saint of Padova.

A name day is a reason to celebrate and often is as important as a birthday for many Italians. The celebration can include cake, sparkling white wine known as Asti Spumante, and small gifts. Each Italian baby name entry includes the onomastico or name day with a brief description of the historical figure or saint represented. Keep in mind that November 1 is La Festa d'Ognissanti (All Saint's Day), the day in which all saints not represented on the calendar are remembered. Find your name day now and start a new tradition!

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