Top Italian Language Movies

It's not just Fellini! Here is a list of recommended videos, documentaries, comedies, and travel guides related to the Italian language. Chosen by your Guide for their outstanding quality, the dubbed versions can help you improve your language skills. Pass the popcorn and watch

lo schermo

light up with Roberto Benigni, Sofia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni, and many others.

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Bicycle Thief

Many critics consider this Oscar-winning classic to be one of the greatest films ever made. Vittorio De Sica used non-professional actors to tell the simple, human tragedy of a working man whose bike, which he needs for his job, is stolen, sending him and his son on a harrowing search through the streets of Rome.

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Bitter Rice

Silvana Mangano became an international sensation with her performance as a shapely city woman working in the rice fields of Italy's Po Valley after World War II. The sexy Mangano is caught in a love triangle with the respectable Raf Vallone and the unscrupulous Vittorio Gassman. A Neo-Realist classic.

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Ciao Professore!

A tender and often hilarious comedy from Lina Wertmuller centering on a teacher who is mistakenly assigned to a third-grade class in an impoverished town in Southern Italy. The teacher soon faces the Mafia, truancy, and pupils with family problems while trying to steer his students in the right direction.

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Cinema Paradiso

A charming, bittersweet tribute to the power of movies which won 1989's Best Foreign Film Academy Award. A film director looks back on his childhood in Sicily, where he served as an apprentice to the projectionist at his small town's only movie theater. Giuseppe Tornatore directs.

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Death in Venice

Luchino Visconti's brilliant version of Thomas Mann's classic story. Dirk Bogarde stars as a jaded, middle-aged composer on holiday on Venice who spots a handsome young boy on the beach. His doomed obsession with the youth renews his interest in living.

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Divorce, Italian Style

Marvelous, Oscar-winning farce starring Marcello Mastroianni as a man facing mid-life crisis who discovers it's easier to kill his annoying wife than divorce her. Eventually he falls for a gorgeous younger woman, played by Stefania Sandrelli.

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The Garden of The Finzi-Continis

Director Vittorio De Sica's Oscar-winning drama centers around an upper-class Jewish family living in Fascist Italy, oblivious at first to the growing tide of anti-Semitism that soon threatens their existence.

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Il Postino

Lovely romance set in a small Italian town during the 1950s where exiled Chilean poet Pablo Nerudo has taken refuge. A shy mailman befriends the poet and uses his words—and, ultimately, the writer himself—to help him woo a woman whom he has fallen in love. With Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi (who died a day after filming ended).

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La Strada

Federico Fellini's Oscar-winning study of members of a travelling circus troupe, as a brutal strongman uses a simpleminded woman who loves him, forcing her to find solace with a good-hearted clown.

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Seven Beauties / Le Sette Bellezze

Giancarlo Giannini stars in Lina Wertmuller's dark serio-comedy as a small-time hood in WWII Italy trying to support his sisters. His desperate attempts to stay alive take him from jail to a mental hospital, and eventually put him in the hands of an obese concentration camp commandant.