Top Las Vegas Poker Rooms -- Best Places to Play Poker in Las Vegas Casinos

Heading to Las Vegas and want to get some poker action into your trip? These are the my favorite Las Vegas poker rooms, both on the Strip & downtown.
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The Bellagio

I've spent more time playing at the Bellagio than any other room in Vegas. Beyond the fact that at any point you may see pros like Jen Harman, Daniel Negreanu, & Doyle Brunson playing in 'Bobby's Room' this incredibly well-run room has a great mix of people, games, & atmosphere. Limit Hold'em starts at $4/8 and goes as high as you can dream, and no-limit games are spread at many levels.

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The Venetian

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The Venetian poker room is a fantastic, well-run room. Each table is given plenty of space and the staff, dealers, and atmostphere are excellent. They also run a popular series of "deep-stack" tournaments. Since the room is right at one of the main entrance, there is a lot of foot traffic which makes for a lively mix of people. The 39 tables were almost all Texas Hold'em when I visited, with one game of $4/$8 Omaha going at the time. The Hold'em limit games started at $4/$8 and there were plenty of no-limit games.
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The Mirage

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The action is great at the Mirage, and they spread a great variety of limits and games at their room, and have no-limit and limit Hold'em tournaments. It was the only place I saw $5/10 Omaha Hi/Lo, and they start their Limit Hold'em at $3/6. The biggest downside to the room is that while their poker room is non-smoking, the rest of the casino is smoke-filled. The poker room ended up being extremely smoky, especially on the end of the poker room adjacent to the Sports Book.
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MGM Grand

The poker room at the MGM Grand is big, and offers Limit Hold'em at $3/6 and $4/8 with a kill pot, which I enjoy and didn't see elsewhere. Since the room is right at the entrance of the Casino, it gets a lot of people passing in & out, so the pickings are good and the fish are plenty.
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Caesars' poker room is huge & fun. It's located down its own corridor off the Sports Book, so this is the most non-smoking poker room in Vegas. They have a separate room just for tournaments, automatic shufflers at the tables, and spread $3/6 Limit Hold'em & up, $1/2 No-limit Hold'em & up, as well as Omaha Hi/Lo at $6/12 and sometimes higher. The dealers are great and the drinks flow freely.

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The Wynn

Wynn Hotel Outside
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The Wynn is one of the newest, fanciest rooms on the Strip. The mix of games spread is similar to the Bellagio, and both have automatic card shufflers, great atmospheres, and excellent dealers. If you have enough people to take up a table, they will spread almost anything -- I caught 6 guys playing $20/40 Chinese Poker on a Saturday afternoon.
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The Horseshoe Hotel and Casino is seen on May 30, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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If you want to play poker in a place packed with history, you must go to Binions, birthplace of the World Series of Poker. Their red-wallpapered room is enormous and has over 70 tables, including a 'feature table' where they hold the final table of their daily and other tournaments. Limit Hold'em starts at just $2/4 here, too.

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Rio All-Suite

A general view of the Rio Hotel & Casino April 13, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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While the World Series of Poker is played at the Rio, it's played in their convention center, not the everyday poker room. Still, there is a certain appeal at playing at the location of the WSOP, there are a good number of tables, and plenty of limit & no-limit poker to play at this joint.
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The Orleans is far off the main strip, but if you are looking for lower limit Omaha games, it's the place to go. They also spread limit & no-limit hold'em, and have very low buy-in tournaments, including a $40 buy-in Omaha Hi-lo tournament which starts most days at noon. The room is big & there are a ton of tables, the waitresses are friendly, and it's a casino filled with lots of Las Vegas locals & long-term residents so the atmosphere is more low-key than many other Las Vegas poker rooms.
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The Palms was the home of Celebrity Poker Showdown, and while they only have 10 tables in 2 seperate rooms, one for limit Hold'em and another for no-limit action, the Palms also has a progressive bonus jackpot for certain hands such as four-of-a-kind and straight flushes which add a nice extra. I ended up winning an extra $100 for my four kings the last time I played there, which does leave one with a warm fuzzy feeling.

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