Top 10 MBA Internship Programs

Internships can be extremely beneficial to students, graduates, or anyone looking for hands-on expertise. As an intern, you can develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to your career goal.

Here are some of the top internship opportunities available to MBA students.

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Every summer, Toyota chooses 8-12 MBA students to participate in their summer internship program. Students can take advantage of opportunities in marketing, strategic planning, and finance.  More »

Sony is currently recruiting for their global internship program that offers opportunities to undergraduate, Masters and MBA students. Interns enjoy global employment opportunities at Sony companies. Click here to register for the program and upload your resume. More »

Sun offers an internship program to business students who major in computer science, engineering, marketing finance, human resources, business administration, and information systems. Interns benefit from learning development opportunities, career services, relocation assistance, project-oriented assignments, and extremely competitive compensation packages.  More »

The Verizon College Intern Program offers internships for undergraduate and graduate business and technical majors. Students can take advantage of professional skills workshops, online training, networking opportunities, and more. Learn more about Verizon Internships and get the resume submission guidelines. More »

The Department of Labor has an MBA internship program that serves as a recruitment source for possible department employment opportunities. Interns enjoy the benefits of academic credit, hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and more.  More »

The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) offers an internship program to MBA students who are enrolled in a two-year MBA program. A technology background is preferred, but not completely necessary. This internship program is best for students who are interested in research, commercialization, and technology entrepreneurship.  More »

Progressive Insurance offers an MBA Internship to first year MBA students. Students take advantage of a practical hands-on opportunity that will give you a new appreciation for complex quantitative analysis.  More »

Mattel offers internships to undergraduate students and MBA students. Undergraduate internships are usually in design and engineering, while most MBA internships are in marketing and finance. Interns enjoy a progressive work environment, competitive benefits, and employee perks. Find out how you can apply for a Mattel Internship. More »

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Wal-Mart MBA Internship Program

Wal-Mart offers an MBA internship program to first year and second year MBA students. Projects are assigned in operations management, merchandising, SAM’s, finance, logistics, marketing, global procurement, and international divisions. Click here to find out more about the program and compensation.

Hartford offers a very selective MBA intern program to first year MBA students. Interns gain exposure to senior level management, networking events, diverse projects, and much more. Learn more about the Hartford Internship and eligibility requirements. More »

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