The Top Occasions for Smoking Cigars

There are many special times that are conducive to celebrating with a fine cigar. Here is our very own Top 10 List of special occasions for smoking cigars.

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Weddings – Especially Your Own

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Weddings are the best occasions for smoking cigars. Celebrate with family and friends, and smoke any kind of cigar, even the machine made cigars wrapped in "Just Married" cellophane wrappers. Weddings make for the best photo opportunities, with cigars in hand (and mouth).

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Birth of a Baby

A close second to weddings, it is customary for the new father to pass around cigars to family and friends. Like weddings, machine made cigars wrapped in "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" cellophane wrappers will do just fine.

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New Job, Promotion or Major Accomplishment

It is time to celebrate one of life's milestones by firing up a fine stogie.

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New Year's Eve

An old year is almost over, better kiss it goodbye with a premium hand rolled cigar. A new year is about begin, better start it off right with a premium hand rolled cigar.

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While Gambling

Not just the mandatory cigars required at poker games, but also while enjoying those free cocktails when playing blackjack or the slots at a casino.

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Your Birthday

It's your day, do whatever you want, as long as you celebrate.

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While Enjoying an Aesthetic Experience

Smoking a cigar will enhance and prolong an aesthetic experience. Do you remember that movie about a Vacation starring Chevy Chase, the one where he and his family visited the Grand Canyon on their trip west? They drove all that way to get there, then after taking just a quick look he says something like: Well, there it is, then they drive away. With a view like that, you have to stop and smell the cigar smoke.

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After Thanksgiving Dinner

After enjoying the biggest meal of the year, you need to relax with a fine cigar and a dessert drink to help digest all that food.

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It's the Weekend!

It's time to celebrate, relax, and just enjoy a smoke.

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The Fourth of July

Celebrate your freedom, that is what cigar smoking is all about. Besides, a lit cigar is the best way to ignite fireworks.