The Top Online Skateboard Shops

When shopping for skateboards online, it is recommended to buy from the top online skateboard shops and stores. Shopping locally is also suggested, but understandably, is not always an option.

The following online stores and shops include top of the line skateboards, from CCS to independent skate brands. The best skate shops include skate, snow and streetwear products including boards, shoes, clothing, and more. These shops vary in their specialties on each coast, perks like free shipping and no tax, competitive prices, and good customer service.


CCS offers a fun service where a shopper can call them and be sent a free color catalog. Many young skaters have carried the CCS catalog around for years, dreaming about the various products they wanted but could not afford.

Today, CCS is a top online skateboard retailer. CCS has been in business for over 30 years and is a trustworthy source for skating materials. In fact, they have done so well that there are now CCS shops in some malls.

CCS has a massive selection, good customer service for an online store, and always have some kind of sale going on. They also hold several giveaways, so the site it worth a look no matter what your view of them is. Getting the free catalog is another great entryway to all things CCS.

A1 Skateboards

A1 Skateboards
A1 Skateboards. A1 Skateboards

A1 Skateboards offer skateboard parts, pre-built completes (a complete skateboard), custom skateboards, clothes, videos, and even ramps. They also sell skateboard decks, trucks, skate wheels, bearings and more.

A1 Skateboards has a good rating and are registered with several online business associations, and can be viewed as a trustworthy brand. They ship worldwide to over 250 countries, are active on social media, and provide customers with top quality skateboard products at low prices.

Warehouse Skateboards

Warehouse Skateboards
Warehouse Skateboards. Warehouse Skateboards

Warehouse Skateboards is a reliable online retailer that focuses on cutting-edge and classic skateboards and gear.

Warehouse Skateboards offers a live chat if customers have any questions and free stickers for those who snail mail them. They have won the Sickest Skateshop Ever Award and carry a large inventory of skateboard brands from completes and hardware to wheels and accessories.

Warehouse Skateboards is trying to bridge that customer service gap between online stores and real brick-and-mortar skate shops.They also offer a satisfaction guarantee and promise to return customers' money without hassle if they do not enjoy their products.

Tactics Boardshop

Tactics. Tactics

Tactics Boardshop is an online shop that bends over backward to provide good customer service.

They offer returns up to 60 days after purchase, have a toll-free number to call, and respond to email. Tactics Boardshop is the online shop for people who need special support with their purchases.

Tactics Boardshop also gives away $1 out of every $100 they make to nonprofit organizations.

Individual Skate Brand Websites

Most skate brands sell their gear directly from their websites. For example, if a potential buyer is looking for an Element skateboard, visiting the Element website is that easy. Mixing brands won't happen this way, but for those with a favorite skate brand, this is the most straightforward way purchase.

Several skate brands who are known for a specialty, like decks, also sell completes with their own special wheels, along with other brands for products like trucks and bearings. ​This brand completes often end up looking interesting and often come with a great deal.

The downside is that sometimes, some of the parts will be pretty unimpressive, as opposed to building your own skateboard and picking the best deck, wheels, and trucks out there. The upside is that it's a lot cheaper to buy a branded complete.

There is a huge list of skateboard brand websites for those who are seeking a full set.