Top Places for Christian Teens to Go on a Date

When Christian teens are looking for a date-night location, romance and fun aren't the only things that need to be considered. Christian teens face temptation when they are on dates, which can lead to sexual behavior - something most Christian teens want to avoid. So, here are some great date ideas that will make your date memorable for all the right reasons:

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Whether your date likes art, history, or science, going to a museum can be a fun experience. Besides browsing at all your favorite exhibits, you can also enjoy the fun gift shop. Plus, most museums have some sort of restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat. If you really want to impress your date, try looking up the exhibits online to get a little background.
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If you or your date is an animal lover, then consider taking a trip to the zoo. It's a great place to walk around and get to know one another. Plus, the animals are a great source of conversation, so you'll never run out of things to say.
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Ice Cream & Coffee

Looking for a quick and inexpensive date? An ice cream parlor allows you both to sit down and chat or even walk around with your cones. Or do you want something that doesn't carry as many calories as a scoop of ice cream? Coffee shops are another great public place to have a date. Many coffee shops have comfortable couches and chairs where you can still be in public, but have your own space to get to know each other.
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Depending on the restaurant you choose you can create a romantic date or a fun date. Some restaurants have a nice, candlelit atmosphere while others provide entertainment and excitement.
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Carnivals or local fairs are excellent date night choices. From rides to games, there is a lot to do, so you can find a lot to talk about. Plus, the games allow for you to win your date a special keepsake.
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Does your date have a favorite Christian band? Check out their touring schedule to see if they will be in town soon. Or, if you both just love music, see if there is a local music festival. Whether you are into Christian Rock, Jazz, Country, or more, there is usually somewhere you can go to catch some tunes.
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It's a nice day to spend outside, so why not put together a basket filled with your favorite sandwiches and salad. Spread out that blanket and enjoy a day in the park. You can even bring along a kite, frisbee, or your roller blades for some fun activities in park.
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Comedy Show

Laughter can make a date night special. There are many comedy clubs that cater to a youth audience (meaning they keep the comedy clean). Check into buying tickets to those clubs for your date night.
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Mini Golf

Miniature golf can provide almost as much laughter as a comedy show. The pace of mini golf allows for you to have conversation, but also provides some breaks so that you can gather your thoughts during the date. However, if you are a very competitive person, you may want to put that side of yourself away on this date.
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Go to church on a date? Some youth group activities are an excellent choice for a date. For instance, dinner and a movie night with your youth group provides food and fun for less money, plus you are around other Christians helping you avoid temptation! Also, the opportunity to pray together can bring you closer.