Best Places to Buy Cigars Online

Although there are many places to buy cigars online, I highly recommend the following companies which I have personally found to offer superior service. Each company may offer cigars or accessories not available at other companies, but all carry most of the major brands. However, it always pays to shop around, because you may find some large price differences for the same cigar at different retailers.

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Located in Pennsylvania, this is my favorite place to purchase cigars online. The cigars for sale are described very well and are reviewed and rated by customers. Lots of sampler packs and special offers. Join their email list or get the free catalog mailed to you. They offer the lowest prices I've seen on some brands, but the competition is catching up.

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Located in Pennsylvania, this is a great place to purchase cigars online. Lots of special deals and sampler packs. Also offers a free catalog and a popular email list with weekly and 1-day specials.

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Located in Bay Harbor in South Florida, Mike's is one of the largest cigar distributors in the world. Due to their proximity to Miami, where many top cigar makers are headquartered, Mike's often gets many of the new cigars before other cigar retailers. Mike's also carries several popular house brands that were created by the company's former president, Oscar Boruchin.

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If you are looking for machine made cigars, this is the place to go. JR also offers imported hand rolled cigars, and some brands are priced almost as low as machine made stogies. Located in North Carolina, they claim to be the world's largest cigar dealer. More »

Located in Tampa, Florida, Thompson's was the first online retailer that I used to purchase cigars. I also purchased my second humidor from Thompson. The company aggressively promotes its own house brands of cigars and also offers many essential cigar accessories. Get their free catalog, but always check prices on national brands against other cigar retailers. More »

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Smoke Inn of South Florida has been increasing the number of its physical locations and expanding its website to become one of the biggest and best cigar retailers in the United States. Smoke Inn also hosts a number of annual cigar events, including the Great Smoke. More »