Top 10 Rap Songs About Giving Thanks

I know, I know. Thanksgiving is all about stuffing your face with turkey, drinking gravy all day and shooting the feces with people you haven't seen in months. But it's also important to pause and quietly acknowledge all the wonderful things around us, like the gift of life and love and peach glazed ham. (Gotta have peach glazed ham.) That's what these songs (well, some of them) are about. Here's your Top 10 Thanksgiving Rap Songs.

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Bow Wow - "Thank You" (Feat. Jagged Edge & Fundisha)

Bow Wow
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Before he hit puberty and dropped the "lil" from his moniker, Bow Wow once thanked his fans on this Cars-sampling track from 2000's Beware of Dog. Laugh now if you want, but "Thank You" somehow managed to reach No. 1 on the Hot Rap/R&B Charts.

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Z-Ro Feat. Lil Flip - "Thank You"

Z-Ro. © Henry Adaso

Some thank their fans. Some thank their family. Others thank their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That's cool and all, but Z-Ro moves to the beat of his own drummer and sometimes that drummer is playing the trombone on tenor. Take the sarcastic "Thank You," for instance. Here, Ro thanks his critics for always keeping him on his toes. "I really like to thank you, even though I'm not on TV, I'm just another CD," he rhymes. You gotta love this guy.

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Blood Type Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ghostwridah - "Thanksgiving"

Blood Type's "Thanksgiving" is not just a song about gratitude, it's also a posse cut done right. Everyone brings their A-game, especially Kendrick Lamar with the song's best guest turn ("My shine is bright enough to make a dead flower bloom in a room full of curtains"). The hook is less than memorable but that's a minor blotch that evaporates in the midst of ice cold verses.

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Malcolm & Martin - "Thank God"

Malcolm & Martin
Malcolm & Martin.

You've probably never heard of Malcolm & Martin, so here's a brief bio: Malcolm & Martin is actually a trio comprised of DJ Revolution, Styliztik Jones and KB Imean. Inspired by the icons who fought for the ordinary men, the group adopted the moniker Malcolm & Martin. On "Thank God," a song from their debut

Life Doesn't Frighten Me, they salute those icons and many others across the spectrum of arts, entertainment and just life in general. They even thank
you, and you've never heard of them.

, and you've never heard of them.

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Jay-Z - "Thank You"

Jay-Z opened Blueprint III with an attitude of gratitude. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, please hold your applause," he proclaimed before acknowledging that he does, in fact, deserve a standing ovation.

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Nas Feat. Chrisette Michele - "Can't Forget About You"

N-A-S are the letters that spell... © Andy Sheppard/Getty Images

"Wow, I need a moment y'all. Almost fell a tear drop." Nas raps on one of his most reflective songs ever. Thanksgiving is a time of reflection. Nas, as you know, shines best when he lets his deepest thoughts fly. Each verse is an ode to a different era or facet of history--at least the ones that hold personal meaning to Esco. Chrisette Michele's sweet melody is just cherry on top.

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DOOM - "Thank Ya"


You don't need a thousand words to show appreciation. Hell, you don't even need words. DOOM is a sophisticated man and sometimes a simple thing like gratitude can be difficult to articulate for a man of his sophistication. So he does it the way I expect DOOM to do everything: let the music do the talking. The masked villain thanks his legions of disciples on this 75-second instrumental from Born Like This. By excluding actual rhymes, he ensures that no one gets left out. Everybody wins. Genius.

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Xzibit - "Thank You"

Xzibit and son
Xzibit and son. Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

X to the Z offers a heartfelt ode to his son and late friend Proof on this standout cut from . But above all, he thanks his fans for "being around/ And patiently waiting and holding me down."

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Danny Brown - "Thank God"

© Elroy Will

Danny Brown's Detroit childhood has inspired a large dose of the gloomy narratives in his music. Over the years, Brown has made it a point to remind us that it's still hard out there in the streets of Linwood. "Thank God for a bridge card," he says on his way to a shopping spree. Still, he finds a way to acknowledge the little things, like salty wings and hood BBQs.

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Kanye West - "Family Business"

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"Now that you're gone it hit us super hard on Thanksgiving and Christmas," Kanye raps while reminiscing about loved ones on the poignant "Family Business." This one has all the ingredients of a classic family gathering: good food, awkward photo ops, impromptu dancing and even a bit of family tension. And when things go sour, as they're bound to once in a while, West offers this golden advice: "Act like everything is fine, and if it isn't we ain't lettin' anybody in our family business." Man, I miss this guy.