Reasons Why People Blog

Why blog? Learn the most common reasons why people blog

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Most bloggers cite any number of reasons for why they do what they do. Even with Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks now holding the baton once carried by the blogosphere, the most successful blogs still have a clear vision, tone, and approach.

While blog topics are about as varied as blogs themselves, most motivations can be distilled to one of the five reasons listed below.

Blogging for Entertainment and Fun

A huge number of blogs were created for no other reason than to have fun and entertain people. Humor blogs, celebrity entertainment blogs, sports blogs, art blogs, hobby blogs, many travel blogs, and most personal blogs fall into the category of blogging for fun.

Blogging for Networking and Exposure

Some people start a blog so they can expand their networking opportunities with professional peers. Through their blogs, they can establish their expertise and extend their online reach. Blogging gives them the chance to expose their expertise and services to broader audiences, potentially leading to business and career opportunities.

For example, a middle-management employee at a large company may start a blog to demonstrate her knowledge and use it as a way to connect with peers outside of her company, such as executives or hiring managers. Such efforts may lead to a new job opportunity, particularly when integrated with social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Blogging for Business or a Cause

Some blogs are created to support a business or non-profit organization. Whether or not the blog actually promotes the products or services offered isn't really the point. What matters is how the blog is tied to the market or industry it exists in, which helps raise brand awareness and extend the brand's reach over the web. Business and charity blogs are fantastic tools to jump-start social media sharing and word-of-mouth marketing.

Blogging for Journalism

Many amateur and professional journalists start blogs to publish their reporting. They may write about local, regional, national, or global news stories with the goal of sharing newsworthy information with audiences. Successful citizen journalism blogs are often niche blogs focused on a narrow topic, such as the actions of a specific local government. These bloggers often feel passionate about the type of content they publish, which may motivate them to keep publishing new content every day.

Blogging for Education

Some blogs are educational in nature, providing visitors with a wealth of information or expertise on a given subject. An example would be a how-to blog focused on teaching people how to use search engine optimization to increase website traffic. It doesn't matter what topic the blogger is writing about so long as it provides value to readers interested in learning.

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