Best Religious Easter Movies for Kids and Families

The Christian Story of the Resurrection of Christ — For Kids!

Easter is a holiday celebrated in the United States largely through hiding plastic eggs long before dawn for your kids to find later. But Christians know the real origin of the holiday — the resurrection of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion. The following DVDs focus on the Christian religious meaning behind Easter.

Animated stories provide a wonderful way to teach children the true meaning of the Easter holiday, and "The Ten Commandments" DVD can serve to broaden understanding of the Old Testament traditions that Christ observed at this time of year while He was on the earth. Watch these videos with your kids and share the true reason for the holiday.

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"The Greatest Adventures of the Bible: Easter Story" (2006)

The Easter Story
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"The Greatest Adventures of the Bible" series presents animated, family-oriented tales from the Bible, with this installment covering the story of Easter. 

This version begins with the joyful entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, then moves into the betrayal by His disciples followed by his arrest, crucifixion and ultimately his grand resurrection. The animation is truly gorgeous and the content very true to form — a great addition to any Christian home. Buy from Amazon »

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"Easter Promise" and "The Witness" (2001)

The Easter Promise
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This double feature Easter DVD set offers two great animated films about the faith of the people of Jerusalem during the crucifixion and resurrection: "Easter Promise" and "The Witness."

In "Easter Promise," the main character Jerem dreams of being a soldier for a king and is thrilled to find out of the upcoming arrival of the True King Jesus. However, he is deceived by his peers and rejects Jesus along with so many others. Jerem learns about the truth and ultimately trusts Jesus and is able to witness the fulfillment of the prophecy — his resurrection. 

In "The Witness," Barabbas doubts Jesus Christ's divinity ​but is soon unable to deny that Jesus was no ordinary man. This beautiful testament to the love of Jesus Christ warms the heart and teaches children about the wonder of the Holy Son.  Buy from Amazon »

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"VeggieTales: An Easter Carol: (2003)

VeggieTales - An Easter Carol (DVD) (2003)
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The made-for-video children's series "VeggieTales stars adorable, computer-animated vegetables in family-friendly stories that foster Christian values and morality.

In "An Easter Carol," Cavis and Millward team up with a music box angel to teach crabby Uncle Ebenezzer Nezzer the true meaning of Easter. Very much like the Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," this film features three ghosts visiting the cranky uncle, but this time the ghosts are vegetables — frightening!

Your kids are sure to love this jovial, important tale. They may even get the film's catchy songs stuck in their heads! Buy from Amazon »

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"The Easter Story Keepers" (1997)

The Easter Story Keepers
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A kindly baker relates the story behind the miracle of Easter Sunday, while Nero's persecution of Christians rages outside their sanctuary. Featuring the voices of Robert Guillaume, Debby Boone, Adam Wylie, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Tim Curry, this late 1990s film is more than you'd expect!

This animated feature is great to teach your kids about good Christian values, faith and the story of Jesus Christ's sacrifice for the good of mankind. Buy from Amazon »

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"The Ten Commandments — 50th Anniversary Collection" (1923/1956)

The Ten Commandments
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While not directly about Easter, this movie is appropriate for the time of year because of Passover. This classic rendition of "The Ten Commandments" tells the story of Moses and his people.

An essential part of every Christian's home video collection, the stories in the Bible of the Commandments come to life in this full-length, Academy Award-winning feature. You and your children alike will love and value the portrayal of Moses' long and wondrous life.  Buy from Amazon »

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"The Animated Passion Trilogy" (2008)

The Animated Passion Triology
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This animated 3-DVD set will touch hearts — young and old — as the betrayal, resurrection and ascension of Christ are told in a language that children of all ages can understand.

With three episodes, "He Is Risen," "Worthy Is the Lamb" and "The Kingdom of Heaven," this series of videos beautifully conveys the most important elements of the Easter story — including its context as a good Christian in modern times.  Buy from Amazon »