Top 4 Delphi Reporting Tools

These top Delphi reporting tools easily create complex reports that directly link to a Delphi EXE. The tools include a report engine, report designer, and a previewer.

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FastReport is an add-in component that gives the application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReport provides all the tools needed to develop reports, including a report engine, report designer, previewer, dialog designer, and Pascal-like macro interpreter. With FastReport, you can develop reports that meet your cross-platform needs for Windows and Linux.

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Rave Reports

Rave Reports combine essential requirements with the easiest, yet most powerful visual design environment available. The code based reporting system contains 19 components with over 500 methods, properties, and events and compiles into your application with no external files. Some of its features include word wrapped memos, full graphics, justification, and precise page positioning.

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QuickReport is a banded report generator written in 100 percent Delphi code. QuickReport integrates with Delphi and C++Builder almost to the extreme! Design reports within the Delphi IDE, using the familiar form designer as a report designer. QuickReport is so easy to use, fast and powerful that Borland choose to use it as the standard reporting tool for both Delphi and C++Builder!

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Virtual Print Engine

VPE for Windows dynamic creates documents for screen- and printer output by calling functions during the runtime of an application. The free positioning of graphical objects (e.g. text, images, lines, etc.) by code offers unlimited layout options. Use VPE to create both reports and lists as well as complete documents and forms.

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