Top Research Tips for Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming research can be difficult because it involves some terms and theories you've probably never heard before. This list of resources will provide all the definitions and explanations you'll need to write a great paper on the topic of climate change.

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EPA Climate Change Glossary

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Climate Change research can be daunting and confusing because of all the scientific terms and theories involved. This site by Babylon Ltd. provides a glossary of terms that you can use online or download onto your computer. You can search or browse this and other biology glossaries.

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Global Warming Facts From Carnegie Mellon

This online brochure provides a great overview in easy language, but it also provides links to more detailed articles. Topics include climate, policy, impacts, and misconceptions about global warming. This is a great resource for students by researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University.

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NASA Learning Center

Your research would not be complete without data from NASA! This site includes ocean data, geologic data, and atmospheric data and helps you understand how climate change affects the Earth. Most teachers would approve of this site as a source for your research.

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Ask Dr. Global Change

Okay, it sounds a little cheesy, but the site is really informative. The site includes a list of the most common and basic questions about climate change, starting with “Is global warming real?” There are several links to more informative sites. Try it out!

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10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

Of course, your paper wouldn’t be complete without tips for reducing the effects of global warming. This advice comes from our local expert on Environmental Issues. Discover the ways that individuals can make an impact on this important issue.

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