The 5 Best Books and Apps for Learning Algebra of 2020

Apps and Books for Learning Algebra

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There are a variety of textbooks, study guides, and applications available online to support learning algebra at the high school and college level.

Getting Started

If you are just getting started or you need a refresher, you will need to know basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Elementary-level math is essential before you start. If you don't have these skills mastered, it will be tricky to tackle the more complex concepts taught in algebra.

One of the trickiest things about solving an algebra equation as a beginner is knowing where to start. Luckily, there's a specific order for solving these problems, "Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally" or "PEMDAS" is the helpful mnemonic for remembering the order. First, do any math operations in parentheses, then do exponents, then multiply, then divide, then add, and finally subtract.

Algebra Fundamentals

In algebra, it's common to use negative numbers. Another thing with algebra, your problems can get quite long and convoluted. For this reason, it is good to know how to keep long problems organized.

Algebra is also where students are introduced to the abstract concept of "x," the unknown variable.

Although, many children have been solving for "x" since kindergarten with simple math word problems. For example, ask a 5-year-old, "If Sally has one candy and you have two candies. How many candies do you have together?" The answer is "x." The big difference with algebra is that the problems are more complicated and there may even be more than one unknown variable.

Practical Algebra

Have you previously taken Algebra but forgotten a great deal of it? "Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide" is for you. The book addresses monomials and polynomials; factoring algebraic expressions; how to handle algebraic fractions; exponents, roots, and radicals; linear and fractional equations; functions and graphs; quadratic equations; inequalities; ratio, proportion, and variation; how to solve word problems, and more.

Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day

"Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day" is a self-teaching guide with hundreds of useful exercises. If you can spare 20 minutes a day, you can be well on your way to understanding algebra. ​Time commitment is the essential component of success with this method.

No-Nonsense Algebra: Part of the Mastering Essential Math Skills Series

"No-Nonsense Algebra: Part of the Mastering Essential Math Skills Series" is for you if you are experiencing difficulty with algebraic concepts. A step-by-step approach with clear and concise instructions that is sure to help even the most anxious math student. 

Maran Illustrated Effortless Algebra

Follow along with extremely detailed solutions to common algebra concepts in "Maran Illustrated Effortless Algebra." Jargon is explained and the step-by-step approach is one of the best available. This book is truly for the person who wants to teach themselves algebra from the beginner to the advanced level. It is clear, concise, and extremely well written.

Easy Algebra Step-by-Step

"Easy Algebra Step-by-Step " teaches algebra in the form of a fantasy novel. The story's characters solve problems by using algebra. Readers discover the hows and whys of equations, negative numbers, exponents, roots and real numbers, algebraic expressions, functions, graphs, quadratic equations, polynomials, permutations and combinations, matrices and determinants, mathematical induction, and imaginary numbers. The book features more than 100 drawings and diagrams.