Top Science Fair Project Books

This is a collection of top-ranking science fair project books. I've tried to note the grade level of the resources and whether they are intended to be used by the students or as reference materials for teachers, parents, and librarians.

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Strategies for Winning Science Fair Projects

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Joyce Henderson and Heather Tomasello co-wrote this 128 page science fair project resource, packed with strategies and tips for choosing a project, using the scientific method, preparing a poster and presentation, dealing with nervousness and judges, and more!

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Scientific American's "The Amateur Scientist"

Shawn Carlson and Sheldon Greaves have collated the materials for this 2,600-page CD-ROM. This CD has more information that you would find in any traditional book, with sophisticated projects and a search engine to help you find them. It's affordable enough for parents/students and a definite must-have for libraries and teachers.

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365 Simple Science Experiments

This book and its companion volume, '365 More Simple Science Experiments', make science accessible to grade school students. The book features two-color drawings, step-by-step instructions, science tricks, and a dash of humor. The simple experiments demonstrate fundamental concepts. This isn't a book about science fair projects, but the heart of a good project is an interesting experiment.

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Quick-but-Great Science Fair Projects

This 96 page book is targeted for students age 9-12. It features simple, creative experiments that are adaptable for different grade levels. Unlike many science fair project books, this is one for the students to read, rather than for reference material for teachers and librarians.

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See for Yourself

Over 100 science fair projects and experiments are presented in this 192-page book. The book is for kids in grades 3-8. Although not as visually stunning as some other science project books, this one is appealing in that it offers short, easy-to-do projects that are arranged by topic. Multiple levels of 'challenge' are outlined for the projects.

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The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects

Julianne Bochinski's 240-page book is targeted for grades 7-12. This book presents project ideas as well as a wealth of information about project presentation and judging. This is more of a reference book for teachers and libraries than a book students will sit down with to read for themselves. It's an excellent overall guidebook for science fair projects.​