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Looking for some new skateboarding shoes? When buying skate shoes, you can get lost in the sea of brands, colors, gimmicks and prices. Collected here is a list of the top 10 skateboarding shoes out there, for one reason or another. The list isn't in order of best to worst - all of these shoes are top quality. Many of these skate shoes have reviews on the site, to find out more about the shoe - and all have links to the manufacturer's site to read more. You can also Share your Own Top 10 List.

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Fallen Footwear

Fallen Footwear

Fallen makes incredible skate shoes. Jamie Thomas owns the company, and has made it clear that he doesn't want to simply make more skateboarding shoes - he want to make high quality premium skate shoes that look great and provide everything you need. Plus, for you planet-conscious skaters out there, Fallen makes shoes free of animal products. Take a look at the Fallen Troopers - easily the coolest looking skate shoes I've tested to date. And they skate well, too! Fallens are some of my favorite skate shoes to wear. Buy from Amazon »

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Vans Skateboarding Shoes

Vans TNT Shoe
Vans TNT Shoe. Vans Footwear

Vans has been around since the beginning, and along the way they've learned how to make great skate shoes. Vans skateboarding shoes are some of the best, easily. From the classic canvas Vans classic slip ons (which I don't recommend for skating unless you know what you're doing, or don't mind replacing them soon) to Vans beefier models. Vans is a core skateboarding company - you can rest comfortably knowing you are buying quality when you buy Vans. Buy from Amazon »

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Globe Shoes

Globe CT 4s
Globe CT 4s. Globe Shoes

Globe is an Australian skateboarding shoe company that creates great skateboarding shoes with innovative features. Honestly, these top 3 skate shoe companies each make great shoes - it's hard to rank between these top 3. My favorite is the now outdated Globe CT IV - Chet Thomas signature model, if you can find 'em. Buy from Amazon »

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DC Skateboarding Shoes

DC Josh Kalis Shoes
DC Josh Kalis Shoes. DC Shoe Co USA

DC Shoe Co USA makes some good shoes, though over the last few years I've heard a lot of complaints about them being too mainstream, or that the quality of DC has gone down. The mainstream problem is up to you, but I haven't seen a drop in quality at all. With , "Super Suede", and years of making excellent skate shoes, they know what they are doing. DC also has an H2Zero line - shoes treated to block out water, snow and slush, with extra tread. Perfect for snowskates and snow days. Buy from Amazon »

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Etnies Evader Shoes
Etnies Evader Shoes. Etnies Shoes

Etnies have a bright, quick, sleek look, and a skate team with riders like Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler and Elissa Steamer. Etnies do tend to come with wimpy laces, but that's not a good enough reason to not get a pair. Mostly, Etnies skate shoes work well and last long enough to not tick off your parents or wife when you need to replace 'em. Etnies also has great girl's skateboarding shoes, and etnies dumps a lot of money back into the community, giving away tons of shoes every year to the homeless in Southern California. Buy from Amazon »

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Osiris Chino Shoes
Osiris Chino Shoes. Osiris Shoes

Osiris. Osiris skate shoes aren't my favorites so much lately, but they do make some of the best puffy-style skateboarding shoes you can get. Plus, they have their "private reserve" line, which are regular models, the most popular ones, made with better materials and some insole art. If you want Osiris skateboarding shoes, I recommend paying the extra for the private reserve shoes (though really, it's not that much more). The Ruger is pretty nice, and so is the Chino Low. Buy from Amazon »

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Emerica Reynolds 2 Shoes
Emerica Reynolds 2 Shoes. Emerica Shoes

Emerica makes good skate shoes, and runs a strong skateboarding team with pros like Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu and Ed Templeton. Skateboarding shoes like the Emerica Reynolds 3 certainly help, with its solid proven design. Emerica also has some strong designs and style - try the Kirchart 4s, and see what I mean. Emerica is closely related to Etnies, so if you like one, you might like the other. Buy from Amazon »

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Adio Footwear
Adio Footwear. Adio Footwear

Adio has a ridiculous team. Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Shaun White, Jeremy Wray ... the list keeps going. But what about the shoes? They're good. Adios are well built and highly skateable - it's usually a bad idea to base your purchases off of who endorses the product, but you know that guys with names this big don't want to be associated with crud. Check 'em out. Their pro model skateboarding shoes all come named after the rider, then a version number. That's it. So, check out Adios and give 'em a shot. You should be happy. Buy from Amazon »

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Nike SB

Nike SB Dunk Shoes
Nike SB Dunk Shoes. Nike SB Shoes
Nike Skateboarding (SB) shoes have been bashed for being ugly, Nike has been bashed for edging in on skateboarding, and meanwhile the Nike skateboarding team has been growing, their shoes have been getting better and more refined. The bottom line is, Nike knows how to make shoes, and Nike skateboarding shoes are well made with great features. The Nike Dunk is still the most popular Nike SB shoe all over the planet. Buy from Amazon »

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iPath Footwear
iPath Footwear. iPath Footwear
I-Path has an Earthy style all their own. If you're looking for a more quiet, earthy, or comfortable style, check out I-Path's lineup of skateboarding shoes. Buy from Amazon »