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Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - great choices for Christmas gifts for skateboarders, skateboarding presents, birthday presents, or just to get some good ideas for skating gear that you might want to buy for yourself.


Also, check out other skater's wish lists, and post your own. Also see the top WORST skateboard gift ideas to avoid some disasters!

This one's a no-brainer! The perfect gift for any skater would be a new skateboard, right? But be careful - some skaters fall in love with thier skateboard setup, and don't WANT a new skateboard unless THEY pick it out!

A new skateboard can run up to $120 or more for a complete skateboard, but you can find cheaper ones out there. But, be careful - if you go TOO cheap, then there's a great chance that you're buying a poor quality skateboard. And with skateboards, poor quality can mean injuries, if not just less fun! Check out the Skateboard Buying Guide for some help in picking out the right skateboard!

Can't afford a full pro grade skateboard? Here's an idea - Tech Deck fingerboards are little toy skateboards that have real skate company brands and graphics on them. When people are really good at Tech Deck, they can do all kinds of finger tricks with their Teck Deck skateboards. You can also take your board apart, swap parts, and even tighten or loosen the trucks. For the toy side of it, you can get all kinds of Teck Deck related stuff like figures to put on the boards, small plastic skateparks, and all kinds of other stuff. So if your skater is a kid, some of these toys might make great gifts. And if you skater is a big kid (say, 13 to 35), getting him or her a Tech Deck board from a brand that they like is a great, small, simple gift.

Skaters have their own style, and most skaters would love to get a new shirt, hoodie, jeans or wristbands. The trick is making sure you buy the right skateboarding clothes, especially if the skater you are shopping for is a teenager! Take a look at the brands they like wearing, look at the stickers on the bottom of their skateboard, or just ask what brands are cool right now. If you want to surprise them, take a look at some of our reviews of skate clothing to get some good ideas. Also, see this list of skateboarding brands for more ideas.

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Skateboarder Gifts Ideas - Skateboarding Videos

Skateboarder Gift Ideas - Videos

For most skaters, skate videos are always a great idea. Check out this list of Video Reviews, and the Top 10 Skate Videos available for some ideas. You can also check out the Readers Respond: What Are the Top Skate Videos? page to see what videos other skaters love. Pricegrabber is a great place to get good deals on skate videos. Another approach would be to talk to the person you are buying the video for and find out who their favorite skaters are, and go for videos featuring them! Not sure what teams they ride for? Send me an e-mail and ask, and I'm sure I can help!

A serious skateboarder needs serious skate shoes! Take a look at the top 10 skateboarding shoes on the market, and get some ideas. You can also check out the Readers Respond: What Are the Top 10 Skate Shoes? to see what shoes other skaters like. Or, ask the skater you are shopping for what brands they like, and go from there! Skate shoes can end up costing quite a bit, but they are worth it. Skateboarding in inappropriate shoes will not only lower your ability, sometimes it can be flat out dangerous. So if you know a skater who's using tennis shoes, skate shoes could be a perfect gift!

Skate Camp - Skater gift Ideas
Jen O'Brien teaching. Photo: Steve Cave

Skateboarding camps are a great way to learn new skills, make friends, and to be exposed to a larger skateboarding world. For a gift, giving your skater a stay at a skateboarding camp would be incredible, and they're all over the place! Take a look at this list of skateboarding camps, and find one near you. This list is by no means exhaustive - ask at your local skateboarding shop to see if there are any other camps or clinics near you.

You could also get a Smartbox gift card - they can be used to get private skateboarding lessons, depending on where they live. More »

Everyone learns skateboarding at their own pace, and there are several cool products out there to help skaters learn the skills of skating. Here are a couple of great ideas:

  • Indo Boards - The original Indo Board is the perfect all around balance trainer for any sport where balance would be key. The Indoboard can be used by beginners to pros - there's always room to improve. I can't really recommend the Indo Board enough.
  • Practice Trucks - These are a great way to learn technical tricks like the Ollie or Kickflip without having to worry about rolling, and also great for experienced skaters to get year-round practice and build muscle memory. There are many different kinds of these - Wheelbone and Softrucks are a couple of good ones.

Skateboarding Explained is a walkthrough DVD for beginner or intermediate skateboarders to learn the basics of skating, and all the tricks you need to know to be a truly intermediate, competent skater. There are several how-to-skateboard DVDs out there, but Skateboarding Explained is honestly the best one I've seen. This video takes the time to really teach the basics of skating (basics that anyone of any level could really use), and the style is such that any skater of any age (even adults!) should feel comfortable with it.

The Skate Lessons that come from Smartbox Gift Cards that I mentioned above also come with copies of the Skateboarding Explained DVD.
Skater Gift Ideas - Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates are a great idea for the picky skateboarder, or if you want to make sure you don't buy the wrong thing. The best place to get a gift certificate is at your local skateboarding shop (aim for locally owned ones, as opposed to mega mall chains - local ones should have better customer service).

Or, if the gift certificate is for someone far away, many online skateboarding stores offer gift certificates - try a shop off the Top 5 Online Skateboard Stores list.

. More »

Wild Grinders are little skateboarder action figures based off of Rob Dyrdek, his dog, and a whole host of other characters. These toys are actually popular right now, and make a great gift! You can buy them online following the link here, or you can get them locally at Toys R Us or Walmart.

As far as variety, there's plenty. You can get individual action figures, who all have a cool, cartoon style to them. You can also get more deluxe talking figures, figures that come with DVDs, and larger playsets. The figures come with actual rolling skateboards, that work a little like fingerboards.

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