Top 15 Ski Resorts for Senior Skiers

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After a lifetime of skiing, senior skiers have deserved the great discounts they receive at numerous ski resorts. But which mountains offer the best perks for seniors? put together a great list of the top "senior-friendly" resorts, taking into account not just discounted (or free) lift tickets but also resort-sponsored clubs, parking that's easily accessible from the lodge, and other amenities that make seniors' skiing experiences just that more enjoyable.

Here's a list of the best ski resorts for seniors, listed by region in alphabetical order.

Top 15 Ski Resorts for Seniors


  1. Attitash Mountain Resort, located Bartlett, New Hampshire offers a range of great discounts, from special ski school clinics and ski clubs, to social opportunities, to a $50 season pass for skiers 80 and up, and a 30% discount for skiers 65 to 70.
  2. Cannon Mountain Ski Area, in Franconia, New Hampshire offers seniors' ski school, a $50 season pass for skiers 80 and up, a 34% discounts for skiers 65 to 79, and curbside assistance.
  3. Cataloochee, in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, provides free skiing for skiers who age 65 and older.
  4. Smugglers’ Notch Resort, in Jeffersonville, Vermont, provides reserved areas in the lodge, discounts at the ski shop, on rental and on lessons, regional clubs, social outings for seniors and a $20 season pass for skiers who are 70 and above.
  5. Sugarbush Resort,  located in Warren, Vermont, offers a $199 mid-week season pass for skiers who are 65 and over. Skiers who are 90 and above can ski for absolutely free!
  1. Waterville Valley Resort, in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, hosts the Silver Streaks ski club, which includes lesson clinics, races, and social gatherings. Seniors are also entitled to a 30% discount for ages 65 to 79. Seniors above 80 can score a $25 season pass!



  1. Arapahoe Basin, in Keystone, Colorado, is known for its close-to-lodge parking, and seniors' clubs and activities. Seniors 70 and up can enjoy single-day tickets for $25 and a season pass for $75.
  1. Hogadon Ski Area, in Casper, Wyoming, offers clinics, equipment carts for gears and special programming. Skiers who are 65 and above are entitles to a 25% discount, and skiers who are 70 and over get free skiing.
  2. Mt Hood Skibowl, in Government Camp, Oregon has quite the roster of opportunities for senior skiers, including lesson clinics, mid-week get-togethers, ski clubs and activities, and mid-week motor coach transportation. Skiers 75 and up can enjoy free skiing, and those who are between 65 and 69 are entitled to a 30% discount.
  3. At Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado, senior skiers enjoy a host of great amenities, including equipment carts for gears, curbside assistance, and valet parking as well close-to-lodge parking spots. There's also lesson clinics, and 30% off season passes for skiers who are 65 to 79 and a $120 season pass for skiers 80 and up.
  4. Snowbird, in Snowbird, Utah has a substantial season pass discount and 10% off food in all dining facilities.
  5. At Sundance Mountain Resort, in Sundance, Utah, the Sundance Senior Ski Group is free for skiers 65 and up. A lift ticket is just $15), and a season pass is $125; both include all skiing, snowshoe and cross country trail access, and use of lists in the summer. 
  1. Tahoe Donner, in Truckee, California, offers discounts on lessons, mid-week parties, parking that's near the lodge, ski clubs, awards banquets and discounts on equipment rentals. Skiers who are 70 and above enjoy free skiing, while skiers between 65 and 69 get a 45% discount.



  1. Crystal Mountain, Traverse City, Michigan offers an awesome “Retired Not Tired” program, which aims to encourage retirees in the area to return to skiing and socialize with peers. Skiers who are 56 and above can receive a 42% discount on mid-week season passes, and skiers who 80 and older can purchase a season pass for $29.  provides local retirees opportunity to return to skiing; actively enjoy winter in the company of peers. 42% discounts for mid-week season passes (56+), $29 season pass (80+).
  2. Mt Zion Ski Hill, in Ironwood, Michigan, provides special ski school clinics, free skiing for skiers who are 70 and above, and a 20% discount for skiers 65-69. Other amenities include curbside assistance, discounts at resort restaurants and a parking lot located very close to the lodge.

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