Top 10 Songs by Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee is one of today's most popular Latin music stars in the world, and thanks to his prolific and innovative repertoire, this Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and entrepreneur has established himself as one of the most influential names in the fields of reggaeton and Latin urban music.

From "Lo Que Paso, Paso" to "Limbo," the following playlist features some of the very best songs ever recorded by Daddy Yankee, which went on to help shape the genre and the Latin music scene as a whole.

Check these out and given them a listen — this list is sure to get you dancing to the funky blend of Daddy Yankee. 

Back in 2004, Daddy Yankee released "Barrio Fino," a hugely popular album that transformed this Puerto Rican singer into one of the most influential stars of the reggaeton era. Since then, "Lo Que Paso, Paso," a single included in that work, has been one of the most acclaimed Daddy Yankee songs. This is a perfect track to add to your Latin party playlist.

Even though Reggaeton is still very popular, modern Latin Urban music is no longer exclusively linked to this music style. Today, Latin Urban music is being defined by an eclectic fusion that has welcome everything from Hip-Hop, Dance and Electronica to Reggaeton and Merengue. Daddy Yankee's contribution to that process has been significant. With its vibrant beat, mostly defined by dance music and merengue, "Lovumba" is a good example of the kind of sound that defines Latin urban music today.

This popular track, which the Puerto Rican artist recorded with Bachata sensation singer Prince Royce, offers a fusion of rhythms that has come to define some of the best songs by Daddy Yankee. Just like the previous track on this list, "Ven Conmigo" features a little bit of dance, electronica and merengue, a mixed sound similar to the stuff produced by groups like Proyecto Uno and Ilegales back in the 1990s.

From the 2005 album "Barrio Fino en Directo," this track is a classic song for all of those who are into hardcore reggaeton. Thanks to this single and his worldwide hit "Gasolina," Daddy Yankee became one of the most influential Reggaeton artists of all time.

Next to "Lovumba" and "Ven Conmigo," "Pasarela" is one of the most celebrated tracks from the hugely popular Latin urban album "Prestige," one of the best Latin music productions of 2012. With this track, Daddy Yankee consolidated his unique fusion style whose sound is so popular among mainstream music fans and late-night club-goers.

This song is one of the most popular tracks from Daddy Yankee's 2010 album "Mundial." Just like most of the fusion songs in this list, "La Despedida" is another song defined by an eclectic sound that combines dance, electronica and a little bit of merengue making it another nice song if you are in the mood for dancing.

From the soundtrack of the movie "Talento De Barrio" starring Daddy Yankee himself, this track enjoyed tremendous popularity back in 2008 when it reached the number one spot on the Billboard "Hot Latin Songs" chart. "Pose" features a unique electro sound that mixes everything from pop, rap and hip-hop. If you are into mainstream music, this is definitely one of the Daddy Yankee songs you need to listen to.

With its aggressive sound and the decisive flow of the Puerto Rican superstar, "Descontrol" has gained its own place as one of the best Reggaeton songs by Daddy Yankee. This is another of the hit songs included in Daddy Yankee's 2010 album "Mundial."

This is one of the best reggaeton songs ever produced in history. "Gasolina" is, in fact, the single that better represents the worldwide popularity that reggaeton enjoyed during the first decade of this century. With its catchy melody and repetitive chorus, Daddy Yankee took the world by storm by "Gasolina," and chances are even if you don't know the lyrics, you've probably had the song stuck in your head at least once as it got a lot of airplay in the States back when it was first released.

Another megahit from the album "Prestige," "Limbo" has been one of the top Latin songs of 2013. Originally written for the popular dance fitness program Zumba Fitness, this single is defined by an exhilarating rhythm where pop meets Latin urban music with lots of energy. The video of this single has also enjoyed enormous popularity on YouTube.