Top Spanish-English Dictionaries

Books Are Useful for Reference, Study

When picking a dictionary, be sure to find one that meets your needs. You might consider a compact one for travel or classroom use, a more comprehensive one for study. Many dictionaries also include guides to pronunciation, verb conjugation and idioms.
An updated dictionary from one of the world's best-known dictionary publishers.
This comprehensive dictionary has about 100,000 entries with full pronunciation guides.
A compact dictionary that's convenient for travel.
One of the most thorough Spanish-English Dictionaries you'll find, this massive volume defines over 300,000 words and phrases with over half a million definitions.
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Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary

A compact, abridged version of the Oxford reference work.
This popular paperback dictionary is compact and useful for travel.
This hardcover edition has about 350,000 entries and definitions.
Although this dictionary is less thorough than many of its competitors, it includes sample sentences and phrases that are beneficial for beginning students.
This dictionary is designed specifically for students in middle school.
One of the most inexpensive dictionaries around, this one from Merriam-Webster is easy to use and lists the basic words that you'll use daily.
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