Top 5 Steven Seagal Movies

Steven Segal at Award Show 2008
Matthew Simmons / Stringer / Getty Images
Steven Seagal movies are all about martial arts moves taking down the bad guys. In that way, they're quite similar to the martial arts movies we've all come to enjoy watching. The difference is that his martial arts style, aikido, is less about spinning kicks and the theatrics that you might see in Jet Li movies, and more about using an opponents' energy against them for takedowns and standing joint locks.

With that, let's get to one opinion on the top 5 Steven Segal movies of all-time in list form.

Seagal plays a former Navy SEAL turned cook on the USS Missouri. Then terrorists show up and get more than they bargained for from this Aikido master. The cast for this one included Tommie Lee Jones, Gary Busey, and Erika Eleniak. And it's that background cast plus a solid storyline that makes this one his best movie.
Simple plot for this film: Seagal is a cop that has too many reasons to seek revenge on a Jamaican drug kingpin by the name of Screwface. There have certainly been more complex plots in Seagal movies and better supporting casts. But the bad guys in this one were truly frightening, and the action was excellent (joint locks, bone breaking, etc.).
Seagal made his debut in this movie where he plays a Chicago cop that finds himself in the middle of a drug trafficking situation with ex-CIA operatives playing the bad guys. This served as Seagal's introduction to the American public, and Sharon Stone's co-star role certainly helped him make waves.

Do we really have to tell you that Seagal beat the bad guys down? Didn't think so.

Seagal plays a cop that finds himself in a battle with a crazy killer. Go figure. There are some outstanding fight scenes in this one, which puts it at number four on the list.
Before he's able to blow the whistle on a group of corrupt politicians, Seagal gets shot full of holes. Though the bad guys think he's dead, he's not, and years later via the help of his wife (Kelly LeBrock), he recovers to take his revenge.