Top 10 Thanksgiving Comedy Movies To Watch During Your Turkey Coma

Because some of us don't like football, that's why.

We know how it is; you're sitting around after stuffing yourself full of turkey and all the fixin's, the football game is over (or just seriously boring), and you'd rather stick a fork in your eye than talk to Uncle Joe about politics for one more second. The only solution is to kick back and pop in a funny movie! Take a look at some of the best Thanksgiving-themed comedies ever made.

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Serious business guy Steve Martin is thrown together with crass oaf John Candy in a desperate cross-country dash to arrive home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Slapstick and sentimentality combine to make writer-director John Hughes' road trip one worth taking. Martin's profanity rant and the slumber scene are high points. Michael McKean and Kevin Bacon also appear.
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Grumpy Old Men

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Two neighbors, played by real life grumpy old men Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, duke it out over a new love interest, played by the ever-alluring Ann-Margret. If you love watching old dudes playing funny pranks on each other in the frozen Minnesota tundra, you'll love seeing these guys in action! Matthau and Lemmon are comedy legends, no doubt about it, and this is an enduring comedy that is always a welcome diversion while dealing with your own relatives on Turkey Day.

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Home for the Holidays

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The dreaded family reunion forms the core of this Thanksgiving homecoming. Claudia (Holly Hunter) is glad to see her clan, but not eager to endure them. Director Jody Foster's humor is understated and generally dependent on viewer recognition, so mileage may vary. Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Robert Downing, Jr. and Claire Danes co-star.

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Hannah and Her Sisters

Bookended by Thanksgiving gatherings, Woody Allen's Oscar-winning screenplay tracks the intertwining loves, tribulations, and neuroses of New York siblings; meanwhile, hypochondriac Woody copes with a brain tumor and Christian conversion. Academy Awards to Dianne Wiest and Michael Caine, who join Mia Farrow, Max von Sydow, Barbara Hershey, and Carrie Fisher in this sophisticated gem.
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Free Birds

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Here's one the kids will love, too. Two turkeys who don't get along must team up to travel back in time in order to stop people from eating turkey on Thanksgiving. While the premise is a bit odd, the animation is great and there are lots of laughs to be had! And this movie only makes us feel a little bit bad about eating turkey. Not enough to actually stop eating turkey, but oh well.

It's turkey's fault for being so delicious!

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John Hughes wrote this movie, so you know it's good. It also stars Modern Family star/Al Bundy Ed O'Neil, if that tells you anything about it.

Ed O'Neil is tasked with picking up his girlfriend's jerky son from boarding school and bringing him home to Chicago for Thanksgiving. A series of illegal and unethical hijinks ensue, lessons are learned, and miraculously O'Neil's character doesn't end up murdering the bratty kid in the process.

This movie is filled with great quotes and will definitely give you a serious case of warm fuzzies. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

(I've got something in my eye! Shut up!)

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Pieces of April (2003)

Pieces of April
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April Burns, played to perfection by a post Dawson's Creek, pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes, is just your average quirky club kid living in a squalid New York City apartment with her boyfriend. After she finds out that her mother (the always excellent Patricia Clarkson) has terminal cancer, she invites her estranged family for Thanksgiving dinner.

While the words "terminal cancer" don't sound like they belong in a funny movie at all, you will be pleasantly surprised with this indie film. A cast of adept comedic actors and a darkly funny script makes this an endearing film with a satisfying conclusion.

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What's Cooking? (2000)

What's Cooking movie
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This movie features four very different families celebrating Thanksgiving in the same Los Angeles district. The families experience the usual family tensions and issues, but the diverse cast and culturally-inspired menu items lend a unique peek into the different lifestyles of ethnic groups.

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The House of Yes (1997)

House of Yes

If you like your families damaged, this movie is for you. The plot: What happens when you bring your new girlfriend home for Thanksgiving and your mentally-unstable twin sister goes off the deep end when she finds out you're engaged?

The sister in question, who just happens to believe she's actually Jackie O., right down to the pink suit and pillbox hat, is played by the hilariously wry Parker Posey. This movie is pretty dark, but still packs in a lot of uncomfortable gags amidst the awkward family setting.

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For Your Consideration

Hilarious and subtle film maker Christopher Guest (Best In Show, This Is Spinal Tap) penned this typically quirky film about a group of actors in an independent film who think they're in the running to win an Oscar. The movie they're making is called "Home for Purim" but gets renamed "Home for Thanksgiving." 

This movie has the usual Guest cast of characters, including Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Parker Posey. The plot is similar to Guest's Waiting for Guffman, but there are still plenty of awkward moments and good laughs in this offbeat comedy. If you like Christopher Guest movies, you'll definitely love this one!

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