Top Three Types of Recruiting Interviews

Resume, Fit and Case Study Interviews

What Is a Job Recruiter?

A job recruiter, also known as an employment recruiter or a headhunter, is an individual that interviews potential job candidates to help organization fill open job positions. There are two basic types of recruiters:

  • In-house recruiters work for the company that is doing the hiring. They may work as an employee or an independent contractor. 
  • Independent recruiters are intermediaries who work for themselves or third party recruiting agencies. 

Typically, there are three types of job interviews that recruiters use to screen job candidates: resume interviews, fit interviews, and case study interviews.

Although every recruiting interview is different depending on who is interviewing you and what type of job you are interviewing for, there are a few things that you can expect from each interview format. Knowing these things ahead of time will help you prepare for the interview because you'll have an idea of what types of questions you will be asked. When you know what you might be asked, you can think of different ways to respond ahead of time.

Let's take a closer look at the different types of recruiting interviews.

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Resume Interviews

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Most recruiters use resume interviews. A resume interview focuses heavily on your background, credentials, and work experience. The person conducting the interview will most likely review your resume and ask you to elaborate on specific details and experiences. 

To succeed in this type of interview, you should first make sure that the recruiter has your most recent resume. You should also be prepared to answer common job interview questions about the job duties you have performed for other companies, your education level, certifications or licenses that you might have, and your career goals and the type of job you are looking for. 

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Fit Interviews

Fit interviews are most often used in the second or final round of recruiting. During fit interviews, the focus turns from your resume to your personality. A fit interview helps recruiters determine how well you will fit in at the company or organization.

One of the first questions you will be asked is why you are a good fit for the organization. Be prepared to explain why you are the right person for the job - in other words, why you should be chosen over other job candidates. You may also be asked about your work style - are you uptight, laid back, flexible, rigid? You may also be asked to explain how you define success or what you can contribute to the company. You might also be asked the most open-ended question of all: Can you tell me about yourself?

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Case Interviews

Case interviews are frequently used in consulting and investment banking fields. During a case interview, you will be asked to respond to hypothetical problems and scenarios. Case interviews allow recruiters to judge your analytical and your ability to respond under pressure.

For example, you might be asked how you would respond to a difficult situation involving a long-time client or a work colleague. You will probably also be presented with various scenarios involving ethical analysis.