Top Versions of "O Come, All Ye Faithful"

Traditional Religious Christmas Carol

The popular traditional religious Christmas carol "O Come, All Ye Faithful," originally known as "Adeste Fideles," has been translated many times in many different cultures. While it has been released by artists from all styles and genres of music, both secular and Christian, the top versions by Christian artists stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The carol has been covered by artists from just about every style of music. The following list covers the most popular versions by Christian & Gospel Artists.

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Stacie Orrico

Stacie Orrico - Christmas Wish
Stacie Orrico - Christmas Wish. Forefront

From Christmas Wish, which hit stores in 2001, Stacie Orrico delivers the Christmas classic with a slightly urban / R&B flair while keeping it traditional with the sweetness of her voice.

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  • Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year Winner Stacie Orrico
  • Dove Awards Pop / Contemporary Winner Stacie Orrico
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Kirk Franklin & The Family

Kirk Franklin & The Family - Christmas
Kirk Franklin & The Family - Christmas. Gospocentric

1995's Christmas by Kirk Franklin & The Family absolutely delivers with a seventeen-voice choir singing the classic in a contemporary urban style.

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Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Music of Christmas
Steven Curtis Chapman - The Music of Christmas. Sparrow

Coming from Steven Curtis Chapman's first Christmas album, The Music of Christmas, his version of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" rings with sincerity and a very genuine love of the season and most of all, the reason for the season.

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Third Day

Third Day - Christmas Offerings
Third Day - Christmas Offerings. Courtesy of: Provident Music Group

Soft, southern rock gives this Christmas classic an updated feel without losing the traditional aspect at all.

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Day Of Fire (Josh Brown)

Come Let Us Adore Him: A Christmas Worship Experience
Come Let Us Adore Him: A Christmas Worship Experience. Essential Records

Josh Brown's rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful" is found on the compilation Come Let Us Adore Him: A Christmas Worship Experience. With a very quiet, almost pensive acoustic backing, Josh's voice slides over the top with the slightest touch of gravel to it. To make the arrangement even more unique, at the start of the second verse, the music fades out and the angelic voice of Christine Byrd comes front and center, finishing the song and leaving listeners wanting more.

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Amy Grant

Amy Grant - Home For Christmas (1992)
Amy Grant - Home For Christmas (1992). A&M

Amy Grant's version of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" is acoustically done with a lovely sounding choir behind her, giving the carol an almost angelic feel.

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Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Sings Songs Of Christmas!
Mahalia Jackson - Mahalia Sings Songs Of Christmas!. Legacy/Columbia

The incredible Mahalia Jackson simply can not be duplicated and her rendition is as timeless as the classic itself. Mahalia Sings Songs Of Christmas!, the home to "O Come, All Ye Faithful," was originally released in 1955 and has been re-released several more times.

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Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church - Dream a Dream
Charlotte Church - Dream a Dream. Sony Classical

Charlotte Church's rendition of the carol is very traditional, with a definite "high church" and formal sound.

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John Michael Talbot

John Michael Talbot - The Birth of Jesus A Celebration of Christmas
John Michael Talbot - The Birth of Jesus A Celebration of Christmas. Sparrow Records

Resonating with a traditional formal church sound, John Michael Talbot combines "O Come, All Ye Faithful" with "Angels We Have Heard On High" for a beautiful medley of classic Christmas.

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Mary Mary

Mary Mary - A Mary Mary Christmas
Mary Mary - A Mary Mary Christmas. Courtesy of: Provident

Mary Mary has gone way outside of the norm with their recording of the carol. The melody line stays traditional, but the music has a distinctive South African style to it, making listeners really sit up and take notice.