Top 5 Wakeboards for Kids

The Very Best Sticks for Junior Shredders

If you’re like me, you probably wish you had a properly sized wakeboard when you were a kid. Instead, you were probably given a 12 foot tall O’Brien shredder with wrap bindings that were 10 sizes too big and an XXL life jacket that flew off the second you jumped in the water. 

Thankfully for today’s youth, there are plenty of great board options to get them in the water and wakeboarding comfortably. The thing is, kids have starkly different needs when it comes to learning how to wakeboard at an early age. Most of the major brands have learned that kids need a mellow rocker, and just a little extra buoyancy to help them out of the water. That’s why, even in just the past few years, junior wakeboard models have gone from scaled down adult versions -- to children’s specialty boards. What follows are the top five junior wakeboards currently on the market.

The Hyperlite Motive is a board that truly understands what kids need on the water. This is the perfect board for young first-timers. It has been tuned to be very predictable and forgiving to inspire confidence in little riders. It rides nice and steady, yet tracks nicely into the wake leaving room for the child to progress as they get better and better.

Hyperlite didn’t skimp on the construction either. This board is made with the same quality ingredients as the rest of the Hyperlite lineup. The motive comes in two different sizes: 109 and 119 cm -- both of which feature graphics that will make your young rider feel like a pro. And all of that has been packaged with a price tag that is under 200 bucks. You can’t go wrong with the Motive.

The folks at Ronix recognize the importance of getting the next generation of riders out on the water, and that’s why they have an entire division dedicated to junior wakeboards. One of the best things to come from said division is the Ronix Vision. Every inch of this junior wakeboard has been thought out to provide the best possible experience for young riders.

The rocker is smooth and consistent providing nice and easy pop for little jumpers. The fin configuration is arranged to give extra stability, especially in choppy water. Finally, when used with the Ronix Jr. binding -- this board gives the rider a commanding feeling of control when slicing through the water. All of this has been done with little dudes and dudettes in mind so they will have a board to grow and progress on.

This board with bindings comes in at around 380 bucks and is built for kids up to 120 lbs.

If you already know your little one is a born shredder, then look no further than the Liquid Force Nemesis. This board is designed for kids who are progressing quickly. This board rides a little bit more aggressively than it’s counterparts from other brands, but still provides a strong level of control to keep young riders stable and confident.

This will most definitely be the board to get your child who has advanced beyond the limitations of their Junior board, but isn’t quite big enough for an adult board. The Liquid Force Nemesis checks out at around 250 bucks and comes in 111 and 118 cm sizes.

Just recently released by Slingshot sports is their very first junior model -- the Super Grom Tech. As the name implies, Slingshot has put some very super, albeit sophisticated, technology into their Grom board. This board is built to the same high standards as all Slingshot wakeboards, so you can have plenty of confidence that this board will stand up to any abuse your child may put it through.

Perhaps the best feature of this board, though, is how well it translates from snowboarding. If you’re young grommet has already been snowboarding for a little while, then this board will make the transition easy as pie for them. The configuration of this board mimics a snowboard in terms of control and predictability. The Super Grom Tech prices competitively at around 250 bucks and comes in 115 and 125 cm sizes.

Last but certainly not least on our list is the CWB Surge. This wakeboard is built for the kids who may be a little bit timid about trying wakeboarding for the first time. Everything about this board is designed to give your little shredder the confidence they need to get out on the water and try new things.

The rocker is smooth, mellow, and forgiving, and the edges are softened so much that catching one nearly impossible. What’s most noteworthy, though, is how light this board is. As one of the lightest boards available for kids, it will undoubtedly give them the commanding feeling of control that is crucial to first time riding. This board will run you about 190 bucks and comes in 125 cm size.