Top Weather Songs of the 1960's

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by Associate Writer Fred Cabral

Over the years, musicians have written and performed songs about pretty much any subject you can imagine. Elvis sang about a prized pair of shoes, The Beatles had a flashy submarine, and Prince praised a woman’s fruit-colored headwear.

Time after time, artists have turned to the weather for inspiration. This list recognizes some of the biggest weather-themed songs of the 1960's. Check out which of your favorites appear (or are left out)!

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Crying in the Rain

  • Artist: Everly Brothers
  • Release: 1962
  • Record Label: Rhino

The Everly Brothers are left crying in the rain for a lost love in this Howard Greenfield and Carole King penned ballad. Let's hope this duo sees clear skies in the future!

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Rhythm of the Rain

  • Artist: The Cascades
  • Release: 1963
  • Record Label: Taragon

In this mournful ballad, reportedly written on a Navy vessel stationed off of Alaska, a rhythmic rainfall reminds a brokenhearted man of his lost love. Rhythm of the Rain scored the Cascades their biggest and most enduring hit.

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Blowin' in the Wind

  • Artist: Peter, Paul, and Mary
  • Release: 1963
  • Record Label: Rhino

Written by a then-unknown Bob Dylan, this song became a huge hit for Peter, Paul, and Mary in 1963. It went on to become one of the best-known protest songs of the '60s, in which the answers to the worlds social problems are found blowin in the wind.

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Heat Wave

  • Artist: Martha and the Vandellas
  • Release: 1963
  • Record Label: Motown

This upbeat Motown dance number burned up the charts in '63 and helped scorch a path for a multitude of girl groups.

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Get Off of My Cloud

  • Artist: The Rolling Stones
  • Release: 1965
  • Record Label: Virgin

Apparently two's a crowd on the Stones cloud! Despite the antisocial theme, this song went on to be a solid follow up to Satisfaction.

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Lightning Strikes

  • Artist: Lou Christie
  • Release: 1966
  • Record Label: Rhino

Likening the irresistible power of love to a lightning strike, this song originally struck out with Lou Christies record label, but went on to electrify listeners, becoming one of Christie's biggest hits.

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The Rain, the Park, and Other Things

  • Artist: The Cowsills
  • Release: 1967
  • Record Label: Polydor

It may be raining in the park, but the showers in this breezy song about love at first sight brought us the flower girl. It also scored the Cowsills a chart topping single.

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  • Artist: The Association
  • Release: 1967
  • Record Label: Warner Bros.

This late '60s hit from the folk-rock group the Association introduced music fans to Windy, a free-spirited girl who has stormy eyes that flash at the sound of lies.

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Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

  • Artist: Fifth Dimension
  • Release: 1969
  • Record Label: Arista

This psychedelic New Age anthem was written for the rock opera "Hair." The song scored big with its sunny lyrics and catchy chorus.

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Here Comes the Sun

  • Artist: The Beatles
  • Release: 1969
  • Record Label: Capitol

This George Harrison-penned hit was apparently inspired by the long English winters that seem to last forever. This song proclaims the joyful return of the sun and the smiles returning to the faces.

Do You Know More Weather Songs?

Or do you know anywhere to get a sound bite for any of these songs? (It has to be legal of course!)

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