Top 9 Weather Songs of the 1980s

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Uh, like, it is totally the Eighties!

Get out your Miami Vice jacket, and jam to these musical weather tunes. All songs listed contain some sort of reference to atmospheric phenomena. For weather fans, teachers, and students everywhere, you will really find a nice selection of songs.

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Purple Rain

It's true that rain can take many forms (drizzle, downpour, even acid rain), but it has never been purple. Maybe this impossible phenomenon relates to the lyrics in this song, where a man acknowledges that his relationship with the woman he loves was never meant to be. More »

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Against the Wind

Moving against the wind is sure to slow you down, but this song seems to embrace a lifestyle of choosing a more challenging, yet rewarding, path. More »

It's Raining Again

Another relationship comes to an end and suddenly "it's raining again". But there is a promise of sunshine on the horizon with the lyric "C'mon you little fighter/And get back up again". More »

Weather Girls
It's Raining Men

In this classic dance hit, the raindrops are transformed into a downpour of attractive men. This is one rainstorm the Weather Girls didn't mind getting caught in! More »

The Scorpions
Rock you Like a Hurricane

The speaker in this song relates his romantic conquests to a hurricane, rushing into town, leaving destruction in his path, and then disappearing. The poor groupies are left reeling in the hurricane's wake! More »

Cruel Summer
Wea International

Even the sunny summer days can't warm the hearts of Bananarama, since being left flat by a love interest. Thanks to its appearance in the film 'Karate Kid', this song was quite kind to the girl group, burning up the charts in 1984. More »

Here Comes the Rain Again

The staccato delivery of the lyrics and the plinking violin notes capture the monotonous sound of the rain. The singer's obsessive thoughts of an unrequited love wash over her like a steady rainfall. More »

Katrina and the Waves
Walking on Sunshine

How would it feel to walk on sunshine? Probably really hot! But according to Katrina and the Waves, it feels good; especially when the object of her affection is around. More »

Milli Vanilli
Blame it on the Rain

Though a lip syncing scandal was to blame for the downfall of Milli Vanilli, the man in this song tries to place the blame for a bad decision on anything other than himself including the rain that fell on the night of the breakup. More »

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