Top Weather Songs of the 1990s

The weather of the 1990s brought Hurricane Andrew and a general increase in the number of hurricanes. In addition, global warming and the Greenhouse Effect became household names. So it is no surprise that weather was a top news story in many instances throughout the decade. As a result, music artists often turned to the weather for inspiration in their songwriting. This list recognizes some of the biggest weather-themed songs of the 90's.

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November Rain - Guns N' Roses (1991)

This 1991 rock ballad with the longest guitar solo ever in a top ten hit reminds us that nothing lasts forever, including the "cold November rain".

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I Wish it Would Rain Down - Phil Collins (1990)

A song about an unexpected encounter with an ex-lover, the singer wishes for the rain to wash away his grief. Instead of representing hardships, the rain here represents a restorative force.

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Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me - George Michael/Elton John (1991)

Originally recorded by Elton John in 1974, Sir Elton joined George Michael for a live version in 1991. This song about acceptance went on to become a number one hit.

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Rain - Madonna (1992)

Instead of using the rain to represent sadness and despair, Madonna uses it to represent the healing and restorative power of love. She promises to "stand out here on the mountaintop till I feel your rain".

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No Rain - Blind Melon (1993)

This song was reportedly written about a girl who yearned for rain just so she'd have an excuse to sleep in. The singer finds escape from everyday life while "watchin' the puddles gather rain".

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Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden (1994)

One of the most popular songs of the grunge era of the early 90's, the lyrics are a bit obscure. However, an interview with the band indicates that the dreary weather of Seattle, WA was the inspiration for this song.

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Lightning Crashes - Live (1995)

Lightning is often used in music to symbolize a sudden, striking event. The lightning in this song has been said to symbolize a car crash that killed a friend of Live's band members.

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Only Happy When it Rains - Garbage (1996)

Rather than complain about the rainy weather, Garbage celebrates it. Apparently "riding high upon a deep depression" causes people to find the rain enjoyable instead of a nuisance.

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Sunburn - Fuel (1999)

This song uses the sun as a destructive force rather than a nurturing entity. The chorus states "If I can't find my way back to me/Let the sun fall down over me".

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Steal My Sunshine - LEN (1999)

The catchy tune to this song, with a beat sampled from the disco hit "More, More, More" by the Andrea True Connection, turned this into the only major hit for the Canadian group LEN. The sunshine in this song can be interpreted as an optimistic attitude, and therefore "I know it's up for me/if you steal my sunshine".

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