Top Weather Songs of the 21st Century

Anytime weather gets attention, it's often for negative or destructive reasons. But weather can be an inspiration too, like it was for these recording artists when penning the following weather-inspired tunes.

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"In Summer"

A "snowman" made from sand

Anya Brewley Schultheiss / Getty Images

Olaf the Snowman, from Disney's Frozen, "In Summer" (2013)

Talk about the ultimate irony—a snowman (Olaf) who dreams of one day experiencing summer! What makes it even more comical? His naiveté about what will happen to him if his wish were to ever come true (as for whether or not Olaf does finally see summer, you'll have to watch the film to find out).

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Little Big Town at the 2015 CMT Music Awards

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Little Big Town, "Tornado" (2012)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In this song, a woman who has been "played" by an old beau intends to get revenge for his infidelity by unleashing her wrath like a tornado.

I'm gonna lift this house
Turn it all around
Toss it in the air and put it in the ground
Make sure you're never found.
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"Set Fire to the Rain"

Adele Performing

Jon Furniss / Getty Images

Adele, "21" (2011)

This song tells the story of a troubled relationship and the frustrations of being in it, but also the lamenting of its end. The opposing themes of fire and water represent this contrast of emotions.

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"Storm Warning"

Hunter Hayes Portrait

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Hunter Hayes, "Storm Warning" (2011)

I'm betting Hunter, a Louisiana native, is no stranger to severe weather warnings. His self-titled debut album also includes another weather-titled song: "Rainy Season."

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Baby Bash

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Baby Bash feat. T-Pain, "Cyclone" (2007)

The catchy beat and hook of this song not only made it one of the most requested club songs of 2007​ but also had all the ladies wanting to dance and "move their bodies like a cyclone." Careful! It's likely to get stuck in your head (warning: this song is NSFW).

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Rihanna Performing with Dancers Holding Umbrellas

John Shearer / Getty Images

Rihanna, "Umbrella" (2007)

This song is about having someone's back, even when it's "raining more than ever" (the rain, of course, representing life's bad times). Who wouldn't want to stand under Rihanna's umbrella-ella-ella eh?

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Norah Jones singing at a piano

Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images

Norah Jones, "Sunrise" (2004)

This ​laid-back song begins with a sunrise that cannot coax two lovers out of bed. Before they know it the “afternoon's already come and gone” and it is night again.

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"Hot in Herre"


Dario Cantatore / Getty Images

Nelly, "Hot in Herre" (2002)

Not only is "Hot in Herre" another club favorite, but it's hook also makes the perfect summer mantra

It's getting hot in here
So hot
So take off all your clothes 

Warning: this song is NSFW.

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"Soak Up the Sun"

Sheryl Crow Performing with a Guitar

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Sheryl Crow, "Soak up the Sun" (2002)

On the surface, this song sounds like it’s paying homage to carefree sunny weather. However, the lyrics seem to be a commentary on capitalism and materialism:

I'm gonna soak up the sun
While it's still free
I'm gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me
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"Beautiful Day"


Luca Teuchmann / Getty Images

U2, "Beautiful Day" (2001)

This upbeat track is about losing everything but still finding joy in what you have.

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