Toronto Maple Leafs

A Toronto Maple Leafs' Summary Profile and History.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1964 Stanley Cup
Toronto Maple Leafs stars George Armstrong (left) and Andy Bathgate share a drink from the Stanley Cup, as the Maple Leafs celebrate their 1964 Stanley Cup victory. Pictorial Parade/Getty Images

Toronto Maple Leafs' Franchise Profile

The team was founded in 1914, and was originally known as the Toronto Blueshirts. The team became an NHL (National Hockey League) franchise in 1918, when the name changed to the Arenas.  In 1919, the name was changed  again, this time to the Toronto St. Patricks. The team became the Toronto Maple Leafs (not Leaves!) in 1926, in reference to the maple leaf as a Canadian national symbol.

It has been one of the most venerated and storied of all sports franchises. The Blueshirts won the team's first Stanley Cup in their first year of organization. Since then, as an NHL franchise team they've won 13 more Stanley Cups: 1918, 1922, 1932, 1942, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1951, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1967 

The popularity continues, despite the Maple Leafs decades-long Stanley Cup drought. The team last won the Stanley Cup in 1967, and most of the years since have been characterized by some observers as demonstrations of incompetence at every level. Despite this, and almost because of it, like the long-winless Chicago Cubs, the team remains beloved by its fans.

Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Hall of Fame Members:

Here are the Maple Leafs' Hall of Famers:

Glenn Anderson
Charles Joseph Sylvanus (Syl) Apps
George Edward (Chief) Armstrong
Irvine Wallace (Ace) Bailey
Andrew James (Andy) Bathgate
Maxwell Herbert Lloyd Bentley
Leo Joseph Boivin
John William (Johnny) Bower
Walter Edward (Turk) Broda
Gerald Michael (Gerry) Cheevers
Francis M.

(King) Clancy
Charles William (Charlie) Conacher
Clarence (Happy) Day
Gordon Arthur Drillon
Dick Duff
Cecil Henry (Babe) Dye
Ferdinand Charles (Fernie) Flaman
Ron Francis
Grant Fuhr
Michael Alfred Gartner
George Hainsworth
George Reginald (Red) Horner
Miles Gilbert (Tim) Horton
Sydney Harris (Syd) Howe
Harvey (Busher) Jackson
Leonard Patrick (Red) Kelly
Theodre Samuel (Ted Teeder) Kennedy
David Michael Keon
Harry (Apple Cheeks) Lumley
Francis William (Frank) Mahovlich
Lanny King McDonald
Richard Winston (Dickie) Moore
Larry Thomas Murphy
Frank Nighbor
Murray Bert Olmstead
Bernard Marcel (Bernie) Parent
Pierre Paul Pilote
Joseph Jacques (Jake the Snake) Plante
Walter (Babe) Pratt

Joseph (Joe) Primeau
Marcel Pronovost
Robert Jesse (Bob) Pulford
Anders Borje Salming
Terrance Gordon (Terry) Sawchuk
David (Sweeney) Schriner
Darryl Glen Sittler
Allan Herbert Stanley
Norman Victor Alexander (Norm) Ullman
Harry Percival Watson

As the Toronto St. Pat’s:
John James (Jack) Adams
Harold Hugh (Harry) Cameron
Sprague Cleghorn
Clarence (Happy) Day
Cecil Henry (Babe) Dye
Edward George (Eddie) Gerard
Edward Reginald (Reg) Noble

As the Toronto Arenas:
John James (Jack) Adams
Harold Hugh (Harry) Cameron
Samuel Russell (Rusty) Crawford
Harry (Hap) Holmes
Edward Reginald (Reg) Noble

As the Toronto Blueshirts:
Harold Hugh (Harry) Cameron
Allan M. (Scotty) Davidson
Cyril Joseph (Cy) Denneny
Frank C. Foyston
Harry (Hap) Holmes
Gordon Blanchard (Duke) Keats
Percy LeSueur
John C. (Jack) Marshall
George McNamara
Frank Nighbor
Edward Reginald (Reg) Noble
John Phillip (Jack) Walker

Toronto Maple Leafs Retired Numbers

The team has honorarily retired these two numbers:

5 Bill Barilko (1946-51)                                                                                                                                   6 Ace Bailey (1927-34)

Toronto Maple Leafs Honored Numbers:

The team has honored these numbers:

1 Johnny Bower (1959-70)
1 Turk Broda (1937-52)
4 Hap Day (1926-37)
4 Red Kelly (1959-67)
7 King Clancy (1931-37)
7 Tim Horton (1950-70)
9 Charlie Conacher (1930-38)
9 Ted Kennedy (1943-57)
10 Syl Apps (1937-48)
10 George Armstrong (1950-71)
17 Wendel Clark (1985-94, 1996-98, 2000)
21 Borje Salming (1973-89)
27 Frank Mahovlich (1957-68)
27 Darryl Sittler (1971-82)
93 Doug Gilmour (1991-97, 2003)

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