5 Great Touch Screen Stylus Pens for Artists

Paint on Your Tablet With Ease

There is no shortage of choices when it comes to touch screen stylus pens and brushes to use with the iPad and other tablets. However, many of them are poor quality or simply not ideal for drawing, painting, and other graphics editing tasks we need to do every day.

If you're looking for a great stylus with the freedom you need to design on a tablet, let's explore some of your better options.

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TruGlide Pro Precision & Artist Paintbrush Tip

TruGlide Pro Stylus & Artist Paintbrush Tip Bundle

The TruGlide Pro Precision stylus is fashioned after a regular pen-style stylus. Instead of a rubber tip, it features a soft, microfiber tip which glides effortlessly across the screen. In addition, the tip unscrews from the pen body, allowing you to attach alternate tips.

LYNKTec has hit on a winning combination here with a microfiber tip stylus and optional paintbrush. The tapered paintbrush tip is made of a combination of highly conductive organic and synthetic fibers.

When using the microfiber tip, a slight pressure is required for screen response. In contrast, the brush tip requires such a light touch that it feels as if you are not even touching the screen.

The TruGlide Pro Stylus & Artist Paintbrush Tip Bundle includes the Pro Precision stylus, an artist paintbrush tip, and a metal carrying case.

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Nomad Mini 2 Dual-Tip Brush and Stylus

Nomad Mini 2 Paintbrush + Stylus
© Nomad Brush, used with permission

The Nomad Mini 2 is a compact rubber-tipped 2-in-1 stylus. It has a retractable paintbrush tip on one end and a rubber nib on the other.

The stylus is 5 inches in length, making it easily portable with built-in protection via the retractable brush end. It also has a comfortable weight and shape that feels good in the hand, and the brush tip is nicely tapered and responsive on the touch screen.

The small rubber nib end is only 5.5 mm wide and unscrews from the handle if you need to replace it. The Nomad Mini 2 comes in black and chrome.

This is a great choice if you want a 2-in-1 stylus that does not require swapping out parts, is easily portable, well-made, and protected.

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Sensu Brush & Stylus

Sensu Brush & Stylus in One
© Artist Hardware

The Sensu Brush is an artist's brush and stylus combined in a sleek, attractive package. It consists of a rubber-tipped stylus on one end and an authentic hair artist brush on the other.

A separate cap serves to protect the bristle end of the stylus and lengthens the stylus when the brush is used. A comfort grip is integrated into the brush end, which makes it nice to hold.

The Sensu Brush is available in either chrome or matte black finish. With the combination of a standard stylus nib, a real bristle artist's brush, and protective cap, the designers of Sensu Brush have hit on a real winner here. It is one of the best you will find.

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Nomad FLeX Brush

Nomad FLeX Brush
© NomadBrush LLC

The Nomad Brush is modeled after a real paintbrush and creates an unrivaled experience when working with art apps. After the success of the original Nomad Brush (no longer available), a number of new models have been introduced to meet a variety of needs.

The Nomad Mini is a similar brush stylus with a shorter handle. The Nomad Compose is a dual-tip brush stylus with interchangeable, screw-on tips. Nomad Play is a paintbrush stylus designed for kids. It comes in four colors with a fun design for each color.

For all that, the Nomad FLeX remains a favorite. It offers interchangeable nibs, includes a protective carrying case, and comes in your choice of five colors.

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GoSmart Stylus

GoSmart Stylus Series 200 and 300
Photo credit: © Thomas PR

The GoSmart Stylus offers a unique crosshair tip which provides an unblocked view of the drawing point on your screen. This allows for much more accurate precision.

The stainless steel tip is coated with Teflon so it won't scratch your tablet's screen. You might experience an unpleasant squeaking noise with long strokes on the screen protector, but the unimpeded view of the screen that this stylus provides makes up for it.

It comes in two styles: a pen shape and a rocket shape. The strong rare-earth magnets embedded in the pen body allow it to attach to your iPad or Smart Cover.

This would be a great stylus to use for detailed artistic work as well as note-taking and general use.

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