Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ Putter Review

Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus putters
Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus putters. Tour Edge Golf

The Backdraft GT+ putters (their name can also be spelled Backdraft GT Plus) arrived from Tour Edge Golf in 2010, and with a very intriguing hook: They are "name brand" putters priced very low. Their street price of around $50 or less makes these putters some of the least-expensive offered by those golf club manufacturers whose brand names are familiar.

While the Backdraft GT+ putters have been around a while, as of 2016 they were still part of the current Tour Edge putter lineup.

What follows is the original review we posted about the Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ putters at the time they were introduced to the retail market. The following review was first published on Sept. 6, 2010.

Review: Tour Edge Backdraft GT Plus Putter

Low cost putter with features normally found in more expensive models. Available in blade and mallet style, right and left hand models. MSRP only $50.

Pros of the Backdraft GT+

  • Retail cost is half or less than that of larger brand names
  • Contrasting white color helps alignment and focus at address
  • Jumbo grip helps steady hands at impact
  • 30-day playability guarantee

Cons of the Backdraft GT+

  • Hard putter face decreases feel on longer putts
  • Goes a little overboard on the alignment markings

Playing the Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ Putter

White Out

I think I've just seen a ghost. Well, not exactly, but Tour Edge's Backdraft GT+ putter is eerily similar to the very popular TaylorMade Ghost released a few months earlier. But I'm not scared to tell you the Backdraft GT+ does have some things going for it. The model we tested was a heel-shafted, face-balanced putter that sports features found on many more-expensive models in the market.

First, the white color of the clubhead provides good contrast against a putting green and possibly a subconscious link with the white found on the ball and in the cup lining. Tour Edge tells us that contrast increases focus, and who can't use a little more of that while trying to beat your partners for that $2 nassau? I found the head shape pleasing at address, though it also seems to borrow from another TaylorMade putter – the Bolero. I didn't like the excess of no less than seven alignment marks on the head. It felt like the focus I gained from the white head on the putter was being undermined by the plethora of alignment marks.

Jumbo Grip

The Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ also comes with another hot feature on the market, a jumbo putting grip. This one is black and white and very nicely textured. The larger grip eliminates wristiness, which is one of the biggest culprits in missing putts. The benefit of a larger grip is that grip pressure is lessened, the putter can move more freely and release naturally down the line without the putter head twisting. Tour Edge has saved the consumer some real money by equipping the putter with this grip, which is normally about $20 to purchase and install after buying a standard putter.


The model I tried was a mallet with a plumber's neck hosel. For me, the Backdraft GT+ lost points on feel – which is a critical part of what goes into making a putter appealing for a golfer. I found the face insert to be too hard, and I lost a significant amount of feel on longer putts. However, before you turn the page, note that what might not feel good to one golfer might be a perfect feel for another. That's putting.

I think Tour Edge, the independent, suburban, Chicago-area company that also makes higher-end Exotics clubs, deserves high marks for bringing a putter to market with useful features at an incredibly affordable price. Further, with a lifetime warranty and 30-day playability guarantee there's no reason for you to feel haunted by deciding to at least try the Tour Edge Backdraft GT+ putter.

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