A Tour of San Francisco Schools

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Schools for the Performing Arts

Adda Clevenger School
Photo © Adda Clevenger School. Adda Clevenger School

Want variety? San Francisco has it. Only New York City beats San Francisco in terms of the diversity of its private school offerings. There literally is a private school for every requirement and need. French, German, Russian and Chinese language schools, schools for the arts, choir schools, boys' and girls' schools, Jewish, Roman Catholic and Christian schools provide a wide array of options.

All the world's a stage. But if you really want to give your child a head start under the lights, then consider Adda Clevenger Junior Preparatory School and Theater School for Children. It's been a part of the SF scene since 1980. One of a handful of schools nationwide specializing in the performing arts, Adda Clevenger enjoys a fine reputation for teaching gifted children.
Does your son sing? Go to Nob Hill where you will find the Cathedral School for Boys. Part of the gorgeous Grace Cathedral complex, the Cathedral School is one of four choir schools still functioning in the United States. Your son will get a terrific musical education as well as first rate academics. The big plus? He gets to sing services before the rich and famous in a splendid Episcopal cathedral.

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Catholic Schools

The Roman Catholic Church has always considered education a major thrust of its work and mission. It's hard to find a Catholic parish which doesn't support some kind of school. The religious orders have been zealous in establishing schools which adhere to their particular teachings. The result is a plethora of Catholic schools. Here are examples of the various kinds of Catholic schools you can find in San Francisco.

Archbishop Riordan High School offers young men a Roman Catholic education in the Marianist tradition.

Sacred Heart schools are renowned worldwide for educating young women to the peak of academic excellence. The Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School and High School are part of a four school complex which also includes Stuart Hall High School.

Corpus Christi School offers a Salesian education in the tradition of Saint John Bosco.

De Marillac Middle School is a shining example of what Roman Catholic religious orders do so well, ministering to the poor and under-privileged. De Mirillac is a ministry of The De La Salle Christian Brothers and the Daughters of Charity and offers a free, private school education to one of the toughest inner city neighborhoods in San Francisco, the Tenderloin District. De Mirillac is the only middle school in the district which is home to approximately 3,500 children.

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More Catholic Schools

SS Peter and Paul School
Photo © Robert Kennedy. SS Peter and Paul School

Catholic high schools and prep schools are populated with graduates of the dozens of parochial schools in San Francisco. Let's look at some high schools first.
Mercy High School was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1952 to educate young women. Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory is the oldest Catholic school in San Francisco. It is run by the Daughters of Charity and the Christian Brothers. Saint Ignatius College Preparatory School offers a rigorous education in the Jesuit tradition. Saint Vincent De Paul High School follows the Vincentian teachings.

These parochial schools have their own Web sites which allow you to visit them virtually. Do that then go and visit the ones you are interested in.

Saint Anne School
Saint Brendan's School
Saint Cecilia School
Saint Charles Borromeo
Saint Finn Barr Catholic School
Saint Gabriel School
Saint James School
Saint John's School
Saint Paul's Elementary School
Saint Philip the Apostle School
Saint Stephen School
Saint Thomas More School
Saint Thomas the Apostle School
Saints Peter and Paul Salesian School

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Jewish Schools

Brandeis Hillel Day School
Gauss Campus - Brandeis Hillel Day School. Photo © BHDS

Just three choices in San Francisco proper.

Brandeis Hillel Day School is a k-8, independent, community Jewish Day School. BHDS is committed to educating children to be caring members of the Jewish community, to value and appreciate the Jewish heritage and to become ethically responsible human beings.

Hebrew Academy of San Francisco notes that its graduates gain acceptance at leading Yeshivas, universities and colleges of their choosing because of the rigorous academic training they receive at HASF.

Jewish Community High School of the Bay was established in 2001. "JCHS maintains high academic standards with a dedicated and accomplished faculty who find ways every day to inspire a deep passion for learning. Through shared inquiry, challenge, and discovery, these talented educators develop strong and lasting bonds with their students."

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Orthodox Schools

Orthodoxy has its adherents who value the ancient traditions and values which this form of Catholicism embraces. San Francisco is blessed with several orthodox private schools serving the Russian, Greek and Armenian communities.

Two schools serve the Russian Orthodox community: Saints Cyril and Methodius High Schoolwhich is within walking distance of the Golden Gate Bridge. Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy offers K-12 education built around the traditional orthodox calendar.

The Greek Orthodox community has Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox School to cater to its needs.
The only Armenian-American school in northern California is KZV.

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Other Religious Schools

Fifteen churches make San Francisco Adventist School possible. It has been around since 1912 providing a fine education pursuant to the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist religion. Bridgemont Junior and Senior High School offers young men and women a non-denominational Christian education. Located in the Mission District San Francisco Friends School teaches Quaker values to its students. West Portal Lutheran School and Zion Day School offer strong academic programs combined with religious teaching from the Lutheran perspective.

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Foreign Language Schools

Two Chinese schools, three French schools and one German school offer instruction in those languages as well as English.

Chinese American International School proudly offers "a unique, bilingual immersion education in American and Chinese culture and language". Saint Mary Chinese Day School is over 80 years old and offers a wide variety of programs.

Deutsch-Amerikanische Schule recently implemented the IB program as part of its academic course offerings.

Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires has been located in the French Quarter since 1924. It is the official elementary school of the city's French parish. French American International School offers programs in English and French. Lycee Français International La Perouse offers a French public school curriculum.

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Independent Schools

Children's Day School occupies a site which may well be the oldest school site west of the Mississippi. You can read more about the school's history and program here. Presidio Hill School was founded in 1918 and "is the oldest continually operating progressive school in California." Discovery Center School "was founded in 1970 by Dr. Patrick A. O'Donnell, a noted educator at San Francisco State University." Drew College Preparatory School has a copy of its recent accreditation report available on its site. Worth a read! The Hamlin School educates young ladies in grades 1 through 8. Katherine Delmar Burke School has been educating girls since 1908. Kittredge School "attributes its success to a dedicated faculty, small class size and supportive environment." Lick-Wilmerding High School is a tribute to the munificence of four benefactors/founders. Live Oak School is a small community school in Potrero Hill. San Francisco Day School touts its commitment to academic excellence as one of its educational cornerstones. The San Francisco School had its beginnings as a Montessori School. San Francisco Waldorf School provides a Waldorf education to San Francisco area children from grade school through high school. Synergy School "actively works to create an environment that identifies and addresses all forms of bias. Town School for Boys has been educating boys since 1939. The Urban School of San Francisco has a well-deserved reputation as an educational innovator.