Toy Machine Skateboard Decks Review

Toy Machine Skateboards Decks Review
Toy Machine Skateboards Decks Review. Johnny Layton deck photo: Toy Machine

The Bottom Line

Toy Machine skateboard decks are strong and solid, with a great amount of response and pop. I personally tried out the Johnny Layton pro deck, and thought it was a great board.

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  • Toy Machine skateboard decks are well built in the USA
  • The toy Machine pro skateboarding team is strong, with riders like Marks, Templeton and more
  • Free spray paint template!


  • Not really a lot wrong with Toy Machine decks - perhaps if they were free ...


    • Well built in the USA at the Tum Yeto skateboard factory
    • Built from 7 plys of maple wood
    • Special drying and gluing techniques reduce de-lamination and add strength

    Guide Review - Toy Machine Skateboard Decks Review

    Toy Machine skateboard decks are made from 7-plys of rock hard maple wood. The plys are kiln-dried at high temperature, which reduces de-lamination and helps the glue to stick even better. The plys are cross-grain laminated for extra strength, and the glue that holds these boards together has been designed to cure at an exact "time released cure point". So what does all of this mean for you? Better pop, great performance, and a longer lasting skateboard deck.

    But does it work? Of course it does - Toy Machine has been doing this for a while - they know their stuff. I tried out the Johnny Layton Part Toy Machine / Part Animal deck, and am happy with it. All the above hype about how this deck was made is true, and works!

    Plus, the graphics are kind of wild - looking around Toy Machine's graphics archive, you can see how the Toy Machine artists like to mix in old school solid color style with a kind of simple art, all using the Toy Machine characters. I like it. Plus, the Johnny Layton deck came with a free Toy Machine spray paint template!

    And the Toy Machine team isn't to be taken lightly. Johnny Layton, Billy Marks, Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Diego Bucchieri and Matt Bennett make up the team - check 'em out on the Toy Machine website.

    Point is, Toy Machine skateboard decks are great - if you like the team and like the graphics, then you should certainly try a Toy Machine skateboard deck - you can trust the design and construction. I recommend them.

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