TraceFont: Designed With Pre-Schoolers in Mind

TraceFont is similar to the Peterson Directed handwriting style. This basic dotted line font contains no punctuation, and it is designed specifically for preschoolers. It works best at large sizes, which they can easily trace.

The author of the font is Teresa Knezek, who offers TraceFont along with two other kids' fonts—NealFont  and ColorFont— at the Kids Fonts website.

The three fonts are designed specifically for people who homeschool their children and for teachers who are weary of using preprinted worksheets.

The fee for the three-font bundle is $15, which includes worksheet sets for TraceFont and NealFont, letters A-Z and numbers 0-9. The fonts are available as TrueType fonts for the Mac and PC. They are downloadable in ZIP format from the Kids Fonts website and have to be unzipped before installation.


Use TraceFont to make custom worksheets for preschool, kindergarten or homeschooling. This is a traditional stick & ball alphabet that is perfect for early letter recognition worksheets.


NealFont is a pre-cursive style dotted line alphabet, similar to the D'Nealian style used in many schools. It is perfect for pre-cursive writing practice.

Color Font

Use ColorFont to teach letter and  number recognition with crayons. Output ColorFont at a large size to make alphabet coloring pages for pre-kindergarten children.

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