Learn to Play These 10 Traditional Country Songs

Play Your Own Country Music

Man Playing Guitar
Dougal Waters/Getty Images

If you like to play guitar and enjoy country music, you may want to play some of the classic country hits. Here are 10 classic country songs that you can play by knowing only two, three or four guitar chords. 

Basic Guitar Chords

Here are some of the basic guitar chords with tips on how to play them:

  • A major:  The A major chord, which is also known as an A chord or noted in music as Amaj, requires three fingers to fit on the second fret, on adjacent strings. As you practice, be sure the open first string is ringing clearly and keep your third ring finger curled to solve that problem.
  • A minor: To play this chord, just do as you would when playing an E major chord, but ove the chord whole shape over a string. Make sure your first finger is curled, so the open first string rings clearly. Try to avoid playing the open sixth string when strumming the A minor chord.
  • D major: This is a relatively easy chord to play. M ake sure to curl the third finger on the second string so the first string rings properly. Only strum the top four strings, avoiding the open sixth and fifth strings.
  • D minor: When you play this chord, pay attention to your third finger on the second string. If not curled right, the first string won't ring. Be sure to play only the top four strings when you strum a D minor chord.
  • C major: The C major chord (also known as the "C chord") is often the first chord guitarists learn. The fingering is fairly straightforward - the key again is to concentrate on curling your first finger, so the first string rings open properly.
  • E major: This chord is simple to play, just make sure that your first finger (holding down the first fret on the third string) is properly curled. Then strum all six strings.
  • E minor: The E minor chord is one of the simplest to play as it only requires two fingers. Just be sure not to let your other fingers touch the open strings. With this chord, you will put your hands in place and strum all six strings.
  • G major: Again, curl your fingers so the strings ring clearly and your fingers do not hit multiple strings. Then strum all six strings.