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Traditional German Costumes
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Whether picking repertoire for a German choir or sharing a piece of German culture in an educational setting, the German websites Ingeb, Lieder Archive, and Liederbaum help. A typical Google search for “Lieder” the German word for “songs” will lead you to a plethora of sites devoted to German “Kunstlieder” or Art Songs. In English, we often refer to the genre as German Lieder, which is the art of putting romantic poetry to music.

Franz Schubert, Robert and Clara Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Fanny Mendelssohn, and Hugo Wolf are just some of the famous Lied composers. If you are interested in learning about German Kunstlieder, then please check out my article, “Free Translations, Recordings, and Sheet Music for German Art Songs: These Websites Make Singing German Art Songs Easy.” Ingeb is devoted to traditional German music that was and sometimes is still heard in the homes of German speaking people.

Find Authentic German Children's Songs With Guitar Chords 

I use this website to look up simple folk or children’s songs I can’t quite remember or to learn new ones. The website lists songs with a musical notation of their melodies, the guitar chords, and a midi recording of each. The songs listed are by no means extensive, but I find the wealth of information on the internet can sometimes be overwhelming. Websites with less information, especially exactly what I am looking for are appreciated.

You can look up songs by themes, such as “Erste Lieder,” or “First Songs.” Though everything is in German, little pictures stand by each theme. So, “First songs,” has a picture of a baby playing with a rattle. “Lieder vom Reisen und Wandern,” or “Songs About Travel and Hiking,” has a picture of a boy in lederhosen on top of a mountain.

There are circle songs, summer/spring/winter/fall songs, songs about fairy tales, and much more.

Parents, Children, German Choirs, and Educators Find Liederbaum Helpful

German choirs are often formed to sing songs representing the culture of German-speaking people. This collection is an excellent starting point for those choirs to find traditional music to sing. Be aware the sheet music included on this website is a simple notation of the melody. You may find arrangements for choirs of many of these simple folk tunes. This site is also perfect for someone wanting to collect German songs to sing with guitar around a campfire or at a sing-a-long.

Translations of Themes Searchable at Liederbaum with Links

  • Das Liederjahr – the song year
    • Im Frühling – Summer
    • Im Herbst – Fall
    • Im Sommer – Summer
    • Im Winter – Winter
    • Viva la Musica – Long Live Music
  • Kinder- und Volkslieder – Children and Folk Songs
    • Auf hoher See – Songs on the High Seas
    • Balladen, Sagen, Märchen – Ballads, Sayings, and Fairy Tales
    • Besinnliche Lieder – Contemplative Songs
    • Erste Lieder – First Songs
    • Früh am Morgen – Early in the Morning
    • Lieder von der Freundschaft – Songs about Friendship
    • Lieder von der Liebe – Songs about Love
    • Lustige Lieder – Funny Songs
    • Lieder Vom Reisen und Wandern – Songs for Travel and Hiking
    • Lieder Von der guten Nacht – Songs for Good Nights -- Lullabies
    • Lieder Von fleißgen Handwerken – Songs for Hard Work
  • Lieder zum Feste – Songs to Celebrate
    • Lieder Zum Advent – Songs for Avent
    • Karneval und Fasching – Carnival and Fasching
    • St. Martin Lieder – St. Martin Songs
  • Singen und Spielen – Singing and Playing
    • Bewegungslieder – Moving Songs
    • Kinderleichte Kanons – Rounds for Kids
    • Klatschen und Patschen – Clapping Songs
    • Kreisspiele – Circle Plays
    • Lieder zum Tanzen – Songs for Dancing
    • Rhythmische Spiele – Rhythm Games
    • Singspiele – Singing Games
  • Weltmusik – World Music
    • Afrika – Africa
    • Asien – Asia
    • England – England
    • Frankreich – France
    • Griechenland – Greece
    • Holland – Holland
    • Italien – Italy
    • Jüdische Lieder – Jewish Songs
    • Karibik – Caribbean
    • Mittelamerika – Middle America
    • Mitteleuropa – Middle Europe
    • Österreich – Austria
    • Pazifik – Pacific
    • Portugal – Portugal
    • Russland – Russia
    • Schweiz – Songs from Switzerland
    • Skandinavien – Scandinavia
    • Spanien – Spain
    • Südamerika – South America
    • Türkei – Turkey
    • USA -- USA