Trans-Atlantic Tunnels

Tachyon recounts the tale of a mysterious tunnel that allegedly runs under the Atlantic Ocean, from Eastern Europe to the Americas

I lost track of a story about some trans-Atlantic tunnels, that one entrance is in South America, one is in Spain or Portugal. I am not sure where, but there are others, but apparently there was an expedition that was going to drive some Jeeps through them to reach the other side.

As a youth, this person who found them lived in Famagusta, Cyprus, and he said that he used to play with friends and go discovering. They heard tales of a cave outside the city. They used to go exploring for it, and there were sheep/goat herders that would chase them or threaten them home. They didn't want to tell them what they were doing out there, so they would wait some period of time and go back in search of this tunnel for years -- until they found it.

From what I recall, they entered a vertical shaft for some 20 feet or so and entered a horizontal shaft that he said a Volkswagen Bus could drive in. This tunnel went in the direction of the coast, where the ancient city of Salamis used to be. They left the tunnel and went and stole some chickens so they had something to eat, and returned for the exploration.

The tunnel was lit with an iridescent hue that had designs engraved in the walls.

One was of something that resembled a chupacabra.

After about a mile or so, they left the chickens and decided to pursue the end of the cave. From what he imagined was about five miles, and it was almost straight until they came to what appeared to be a window that looked into the water, which they assumed was the ocean.

At the foot of this window (which due to the light they were trying to determine if the surface may have actually been vertical water itself), they found a large, black, polished surface (from his description). It was glossy or like a malleable type of surface that drew their attention.

They had reached the end of their journey, but they were trying to determine the actuality of the contents, and decided to reach down and touch the surface of this object on the floor. When they reached for the surface and touched it, he described the most frightening experience he has ever felt or imagined. He had been in combat and had seen just about everything you can imagine, he is not a sissy.

They ran back toward home, and when they go to where the chickens were, they were gone. They kept running and he said when they got home, he said he distinctly remembered that he was not out of breath!

There were no other passages or marks, other than the images on the walls and the luminescence. This was a bluish haze or maybe aqua. He has never returned. His country is now divided by Turkish occupation, and we have discussed going back there to explore it once again. He says, "Pandora's Box" whenever we talk about it.

 In any event occurs, he wants to take me there to go and find it again.

Since I am American, I can cross the border, so I am thinking of going. Even though I am a skeptic, I do believe that some of this is possible, almost the same as UFOs, which I have seen, but I do not have any reason to consider them a threat.

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