How Do I Transfer my Photoshop Elements Catalog to a New Computer?

Question: How Do I Transfer my Photoshop Elements Catalog to a New Computer?

Lou writes: "I recently set up a new computer and loaded PSE3 onto it and then transferred my pictures and catalog stuff over to the new computer. I note however, that the metadata information does not show up on my new system, but does on my prior system. Is the metadata stored as part of the thumbnail files (tn.4.cache) that are associated with the various catalogs? Other?"

Answer: Adobe has already considered this scenario and made it very easy on you. The built-in backup and restore functions in Photoshop Elements Organizer are ideal for transferring all your photos and data to a new computer. The backup process backs up your catalog, photos, movies, audio, captions, creations... all of it! When you choose the restore function, there is an option to restore to a new location (your new PC) and you also have an option to maintain the same directory structure that you had before.

The following tutorials will help you if you're not familiar with Photoshop Elements' backup features:

If you want to ensure your metadata is always retained within the files, it's also a good idea to use the "File > Write Tag Info To Files" command. This will embed the keyword tags and captions within the photo file, and any IPTC compatible software will be able to read them.
However, it is not a substitute for the backup and restore functions when you are switching to a new computer.

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