Online English To Chinese Translation Resources

Helpful Websites Beyond Google Translate

There are many cases in which you might need to translate from English to Chinese. Perhaps you are running a multi-lingual event, need a little guidance with Chinese homework, a native Chinese speaker learning English, or simply curious.

For whatever situation, hopefully this list of online English to Chinese translation resources beyond Google Translate can be helpful. 

English To Chinese Words

When translating words, an English to Chinese dictionary can be used for this purpose. There are several online English to Chinese dictionaries, including:

English To Chinese Phrases

While words are relatively easy to translate from English to Chinese, it is much more difficult to translate phrases. Google Translate allows you to paste in text or specify a web page for translation, but the result is sometimes difficult to understand.

English to Chinese phrase translators include:

Translation Services

None of these online translators do a very good job of translating from English to Chinese. If results are critical, you will have to hire an English to Chinese translation service.

The ideal English to Chinese translator will be a native Mandarin speaker with a good knowledge of English. Small firms which specialize in English / Chinese language pairs are also a good choice since they usually have both native English speakers and native Mandarin speakers on staff, who work together on translation projects.

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