Translation and Translated Beings Have Nothing to Do With Languages

These Terrestrial Beings Exist Between Death and Resurrection

A divine intervention
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The words translate, translation and translated often do refer to changing words into different languages. However, these terms have a unique meaning to Mormons.

Translation is an actual physical process that transforms a human body into a higher being. Only deity have the capability to translate anyone.

What it Means to be Translated

The bodies of translated beings have been changed in such a way that they will not die, until they are resurrected during Jesus Christ's second coming.

Death and resurrection will occur simultaneously and they will instantly change from being mortal to immortal.

Translated beings do not suffer pain and they are beyond Satan's power to tempt them. They can feel sorrow for wickedness, but they are no longer subject to earthly miseries.

Much of our knowledge of translation comes from modern scripture and revelation.

People We Know Have Been Translated

    Others We Suspect Might Have Been Translated

    Other inhabitants at the time of Enoch experienced translation. Hebrews suggests some have unknowingly experienced angels while on this earth that were translated beings.

    Methuselah: We know he was righteous and the grandfather of Noah. The Bible suggests his earthly existence ended the year of Noah's flood. For this reason, he may have been translated, since it is unlikely he joined the wicked and died in the flood.

    Nephi, son of Helaman: In 3 Nephi, he simply disappears. He may have been translated.

    The City of Enoch and All Its People Were Translated

    The city of Enoch deserves special mention, because the prophet Enoch and an entire city's inhabitants were translated and taken up into heaven. Much of what we know about Enoch and his city comes from the book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price.

    The city was called the City of Holiness or Zion. Scripture says they were of one heart and one mind. In addition, there were no poor in the city. We know that the city of Enoch will return to earth during the Millennium.

    Translated Beings Have Special Work to Do

    Joseph Smith taught that translated beings live a terrestrial order like those of the Terrestrial Kingdom.

    He also taught that they may be reserved as ministering angels for other planets and peoples Heavenly Father has created. On page 170 of Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith he says:

    Their place of habitation is that of the terrestrial order, and a place prepared for such characters He held in reserve to be ministering angels unto many planets, and who as yet have not entered into so great a fullness as those who are resurrected from the dead.

    We actually know very little about translation and translated beings. The above scriptures provide us with only a sketch. We know that in many cases, like John the Beloved and the three Nephites, they requested translation in order to continue to serve Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ here on earth. These actions were selfless acts of devotion.