Trapt Biography

Trapt. Photo: The Imps.

Trapt Overview:

Trapt make melodic hard rock that leans heavily on metal-tinged guitar riffs and soaring choruses. Based out of Los Angeles, the quartet, led by frontman Chris Taylor Brown, formed in 1997 in San Jose. Trapt have gone through several lineup changes, although the constants in the group have been Brown and bassist Peter Charell. The band toured for several years, putting out self-released material in the hopes of attracting label interest.

Finally in 2001, Trapt signed to Warner Bros.

The Hit Debut:

Trapt’s first long play (LP) album, simply titled Trapt, was released the following year, featuring guitarist Simon Ormandy and drummer Aaron Montgomery, who became the band’s permanent drummer at the time after several players came and went. Trapt enjoyed platinum sales, thanks to the steady airplay of “Headstrong” and “Still Frame,” which both went to No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. The band’s brand of hard rock occasionally incorporated elements of rap-rock and thrash, while the single “Echo” demonstrated a penchant for moody mid-tempo ballads.

The Sophomore Slump:

2005’s Someone in Control didn’t match Trapt’s chart success and was also less distinctive musically. Part of the problem might have been Trapt’s evolution into a polished hard rock band that had smoothed down its rough edges, which were part of the band’s early charm.

Someone in Control felt calculated and professional, although the single “Stand Up” possessed the fire of Trapt’s debut.

Moving to Eleven Seven:

Warner Bros. and Trapt parted ways after Someone in Control. The band later signed with Eleven Seven, the label of Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx. Trapt’s first record for Eleven Seven was 2007’s Live!

, a collection of concert performances and two new studio songs, “Stay Alive” and “Everything to Lose.”

A More Diverse Third Album:

In August 2008, Trapt released their third studio album, Only Through the Pain. The record was the band's first with new guitarist Robb Torres. Highlighted by more power ballads than earlier offerings, Only Through the Pain also made room for reggae rhythms and Police-style melodies. The first single, “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?,” was a hit on rock radio, and the album peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard album chart.

An Unapologeticly Heavy Fourth Album:

Trapt's fourth full studio 2010 album, No Apologies, was produced by Johnny K. (Disturbed, Staind). The album's lead single "Sound Off" features a heavier sound than many of Trapt's previous singles. In fact, the majority of the album features a guitar heavy mix melodic songs meant to be played at full volume. No Apologies debuted at No. 25 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

Reinventing Trapt's Formula for Their Fifth Album:

For Trapt's 2012 fifth full length studio album, singer Chris Taylor Brown produced the album, Reborn, and did most of the guitar work himself. It is the last album to feature lead guitarist Robb Torres.

Trapt's experimented with new textures and sounds utilizing a wide array of guitar effects pedals, synths, and other recording techniques. The album was Trapt's fifth to reach the top 50 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

Current Lineup:

Chris Taylor Brown – vocals
Peter Charell – bass
Ty Fury  – guitar, backing vocals
Dylan Thomas Howard – drums

Key Trapt Songs:
"Headstrong" (Purchase/Download)
“Still Frame” (Purchase/Download)
“Stand Up” (Purchase/Download)
“Ready When You Are” (Purchase/Download)


Trapt (2002) (Purchase/Download)
Someone in Control (2005) (Purchase/Download)
Live! (live album) (2007) (Purchase/Download)
Only Through the Pain (2008) (Purchase/Download)
No Apologies (2010) (Purchase/Download)
Reborn (2013) (Purchase/Download)


Trapt Trivia:


  • Before Trapt signed with Warner Bros. in 2001, the band produced a 1999 self-released album called Amalgamation. In 2000, Trapt released a second collection, Glimpse.
  • The band toured with Papa Roach before even having a record deal.
  • Trapt formed in high school, but the band members went to different colleges. Brown and former guitarist Simon Ormandy studied at UC Santa Barbara, while bassist Peter Charell went to UC Santa Cruz.
  • Initially, Trapt were signed with Immortal Records, but the two sides had a falling out when the label reportedly thought the band didn’t sound enough like Incubus.