Trees With Simple Leaves - Lobed and Unlobed Leaves

A Quick and Easy Way to Identify 50 Common North American Trees

In a simple leaf, the blade is completely undivided into smaller leaflet units (called compound leaves) and is a single attachment to the twig. Simple leaves can form lobes but the gaps between lobes should not reach the midrib. See tree leaf anatomy.

So, your tree has a leaf that is simple (one blade attached to a stalk or petiole) 

You have now identified a tree with a single blade. Now figure out which of these leaves you’re looking at by determining it to be a lobed or unlobed leaf identified below.

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Unlobed Tree Leaf

Unlobed Leaf. Unlobed Leaf

Unlobed leaves can have smooth entire margins (without teeth) or have serrations called teeth. It should not have lobelike projections on the margins.

Does your tree have a leaf that has no lobed projections around the margins of the leaf (a consistent leaf edge)? If yes, go to unlobed tree leaves...

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Lobed Tree Leaf

Lobed Leaf. Lobed Leaf

Lobed tree leaves have projections off the midrib with individual inside veins. The lobe ends can be rounded but can also be sharply pointed as well.

Does your tree have a leaf that has major projections that shape the leaf (these projections are called lobes)? If yes, go to lobed tree leaves...