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The Funniest Quotes by Daily Show Host Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Daily Show Host
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"This is surreal for me, I'm not going to lie, growing up in the dusty streets of South Africa I could never dream of having two things, really. An indoor toilet and a job as host of 'The Daily Show.' And now I have both. And I'm quite comfortable with one of them." –Trevor Noah on his Daily Show debut

"Jon Stewart was more than just a late night host. He was often our voice, our refuge, and in many ways, our political dad, and now it's weird, because dad has left.

And now, it feels like the family has a new step dad, and he's black, which is not ideal."–Trevor Noah

"Why isn't a woman hosting the show, because surely it's about time. It turns out that they did ask women to host and the women turned it down because they had better things to do, and clearly knew something I didn't." –Trevor Noah

"Also, why didn't they get an American to host? Again, Comedy Central tried and those people also declined. So once more a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant." –Trevor Noah

"Thank you Jon [Stewart]. Thank you for believing in me, I'm not quite sure what you saw in me but I will work every day to find it. And I'll make sure you don't look like the crazy old dude who left his inheritance to some kid from Africa." –Trevor Noah

"You have to work a bit harder to offend me because I'm from the home of some of the best racism in the world. I'm a snob when it comes to racism." –Trevor Noah

"If this comedy thing doesn't work out, I've always got poverty to fall back on." –Trevor Noah

"You know what African mothers tell their children everyday? 'Be grateful for what you have. Because there are fat children starving in Mississippi.'" –Trevor Noah

"Does America really need to the best at everything?

You already dominate the world in economics, military power and obesity." –Trevor Noah

"Here's the amazing part. For South Africa to achieve that kind of black-white wealth gap, we had to construct an entire apartheid state denying blacks the right to vote or own property. But you, you did it without even trying. We trained for decades and you just waltzed in and won the gold medal." –Trevor Noah on racial inequality in the U.S.