Triangle UFO Over Shelby County, Tennessee

Spencer is awe-struck by his sighting of one of those huge triangular, black UFOs

This incident took place in Shelby County, Tennessee right outside of Memphis's city limits. It happened when I was 15 years old in 2003. The sun had just set with still an orange glow in the sky that was quickly fading.

A small group of friends lived in my neighborhood and I was the youngest of this group. One friend was in his graduating year and about to leave for University of Tennessee.

He and I were standing in a neighborhood street outside of a cove, waiting on another friend to come out of his house. We were making small talk and facing each other.

As he was talking, I noticed a low-flying craft in the distance heading in our direction, moving very slowly, maybe around 8 or 9 mph. I cut him off mid-sentence and told him, "Look at this helicopter coming our way..."

He turned around and only said, "That's not a helicopter." As it approached, we had no clue what it was, it flew directly over us at an extremely low altitude and speed. I could have picked up a rock and hit it. It was a massive triangular craft with three lights on it, one at each corner. It made a humming noise and sent off vibrations through the air. It engulfed us and blocked out the entire sky as it slowly passed by. We didn't even speak to one another as it passed and continued in a straight direction heading east and flying directly over my house down the street in its path.

We both took off running after it was in the distance. When I got home, out of breath, I ran up the stairs and banged on my mom's bathroom door; she was taking a bath. I yelled through the door what we had seen and she said she experienced shaking and rattling in the house for a few seconds, but that was it.

I will never forget this and I had never seen a UFO report describing a triangle UFO until I looked into it. Apparently, they've been sighted a lot, with the most famous sighting being in Belgium in 1992, involving the Belgian government.

I feel almost honored to have seen one so close and at such a low speed right above me. It was dark black with circular lights. The whole next day local radio stations were getting calls coming in from people who had seen the same craft near my vicinity on Highway 64 near Houston Levee Rd. I am now 27 and have seen one other craft when I was about 23. This craft was a huge cigar-shaped ship at a very high altitude and at a high rate of speed. Interesting about the cigar-shaped one was it had to be gigantic from the glance I got. I mean absolutely enormous. The triangle UFO was amazing and breathtaking. I never discredit UFO stories anymore.

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