Trigonometry Worksheet on Inverse Functions

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You can always find an unknown angle, in a right angle triangle as long as you know the lengths of two of the triangle's sides. In the exercises on these worksheets, you are given the lengths of two of the sides. You will need to know which side is adjacent to the angle, which side is opposite to the angle and which side is the hypotenuse.

Students should be familiar with basic trigonometry and have an understanding/overview of inverse functions prior to working through the exercises in these worksheets. Each trigonometry worksheet is in PDF for quick and easy printing. You need to find the missing angle to the nearest degree, each exercise contains 8 triangles. Each triangle has 2 measures that require an angle measure. Use the trig function to calculate the missing angle measure. Trigonometry is typically part of the curriculum or benchmarks from the 8th grade and then occurs onward in most geometry courses.

When you have an understanding of the trigonometric functions, you will then be able to calculate values of functions with a provided angle. When you use the inverse trigonometric function, you can proceed to calculate angles when given some of the function values. Solving these unknown values both ways will be quite helpful as you work through solving triangles in these type of exercises.

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Inverse Function Worksheet Page 1

Worksheet. D.Russell

This worksheet features eight triangles for which students must find the missing angles.

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Inverse Function Worksheet Page 2 - Answers

Inverse Functions
Inverse Functions Answers. D.Russell

Print the PDF: Answers for Page 1

This page contains the answers to the exercises on page 1. 

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Inverse Functions Worksheet Page 3

Inverse Function Worksheet
Inverse Function Worksheet. D.Russell

Print the PDF: ​​​Inverse Function Worksheet Page 3

Here are eight additional triangles for students to practice finding the missing angles.

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Inverse Function Worksheet Page 4 - Answers

Inverse function ansers
Worksheet Answers. D. Russell

Print the PDF: Answers for Page 3

This page contains the answers to the exercises on page 3.