Top 5 Truck Tents For Pickup Trucks & SUVs

With a truck tent, you can rest on a dry, flat surface every time. Plus, no more wasted time spent searching for that perfect campsite. Here are the best truck tents to turn your pickup truck or SUV into an instant slumber shack.
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Sportz Tent - Pickup Truck Tent

Designed exclusively for pickup trucks, it was designed so the edges of the tent slide over your pickup truck's bed rails, preventing anything (including rain water) from sliding down into the bed of your truck. It only weighs about 11 lbs. and fits into its own small duffel bag, so when you're done, it can be stored behind the driver's seat.
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Sportz Tent - SUV Tent

This vehicle tent for SUVs (and vans) wraps around the entire cargo area of your SUV, allowing extra space for even more sleepers and easy access to rear of the SUV. Plus, it has a completely detachable "sock" that lets you depart from the campsite and leave the tent as a free-standing unit.
These roof-top shelters serve as "bedrooms" and are perfect for crossing Africa or a weekend in the woods, and they work with virtually ANY vehicle. They do not sit on your vehicle's roof, but rather attach to aftermarket roof racks. They'll stand up to the most unfavorable weather conditions and open effortlessly in under a minute by cranking a simple handle. More »
For sport utility vehicles and minivans with a rear liftgate, these vehicle tents add a few more feet of enclosed space for a comfortable night's sleep. Bungy cords attach to your vehicle's underframe and shock cords draw the tent snug against your vehicle. The outer door panels fold up and tie back for maximum ventilation, or zip and tie at the bottom corners for privacy. More »
These sleepers are the quickest, easiest, safest, and most versatile outdoor shelter available. They attach to your vehicle in less than 10 minutes, turning your cargo and tailgate area into luxurious sleeping quarters. They work with most covered vehicles that have a dropgate (pickups with camper tops, SUVs) by adding a few more feet of enclosed space. More »