Get True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

Stephen Wagner

Every year there are reports of strange occurrences or encounters that science can not seem to explain. Many view these happenings as signs of the paranormal. Here we've collected stories of UFOS, haunted pennies, angels and more! So whether you believe in the spiritual world or not sometimes it's fun to read about all the things that go bump in the night.  


Have you ever seen lights in the sky that you just couldn't explain?

Did they move in ways a plane can not? These Unidentified Flying Objects have been seen all over the world. Sometimes they're even caught on camera! Here are true tales of UFO sightings. 

Three UFOs Over Visalia, California
Incredible Mass UFO Sighting in Colombia

Incredible Texas UFO Encounter

Triangle UFO Over Shelby County, Tennessee


Stranger Encounters

Some encounters are so strange they can not be categorized. Have you ever hear lightening speak? Or been visited by an angel or something more sinister? Here are true tales of strange and often beastly encounters, read them if you dare. 

10 Creepy and Totally Unexplainable Paranormal Stories

Experience with Intelligent Ball Lightning
Night of the Mannequin Drivers

Angel Rescue at a Car Accident

Weird Hairy Creatures Scratching at the Door

Shadow Woman Appears at My Bed

Tested By An Angel
Vision Might Have Foretold Death

Weird Walking Stick Creature
Another Ball Lightning Story
The Ranch's Phantom Tree
T.C. the Cat Still Hangs Around the House
Weird, Unexplained Coupon Phenomenon

Woman in the Window Was a Premonition

Pennies from Somewhere Unknown

Ball Lightning Dancing on the Water

Vision of a Lost Cat

Taunted by Shadow People

Demon in the Stereo
Visited by The Spirit of Anubis
Eerie Premonition of Son's Success
The Witch of Coal Hollow
Has Recorded the Demons All Around Us

Angel for a Marine
It Tried to Enter My Body
Ball Lightning Stories

The Family That Vanished
Attacked by a Faceless Entity
Monkey Demon Attack
Ashes Might Explain the Haunting
Old Hag Strikes in a Mobile Home
Sometimes It's Not a Ghost

The Dancing Blue Lights
Bizarre Light Experiences


Everyone loves a good ghost story. Have you ever met a person who seemed a little out of place only to have them disappear? Have you ever received a message from someone long dead? These tales of ghostly encounters and hauntings will have you on the edge of your seat!

A Message from Nana

The Whispering, Perfumed Ghost

Grandfather Watches from the Afterlife

Arguing, Cooking, Crying Ghosts Haunted Our House
Disappearing Keys Might Have Changed the Future
Ghost Dog Can Still Be Heard
Haunted by Little Humanoids

Paranormal Activity in Mobile Home
Evie, the Ghost Who Asks for Help
Somehow I Attract Ghosts
The Phantom Husband
JFK and the Mysterious Lincoln Penny
Shadow Hat Man and Paralysis

Ghosts Above Our Bed

Haunted by a Dead Girl
Farmer's Ghostly Apparition
The Ghost Who Loved Me
Phantom Car Doors
Husband's Ghost Returns on Anniversary
Ghosts Wreak Havoc in Nursing Home
The Spirit Faces of Sorrow
Ghosts That Haunt the Attic
Shadow Entity on the Roof
I Was an Out-of-Body Ghost
Shadow People Around My Bed
Dad's Ghost and the Angel
Out of Body Church Experience
The Death Card
The Jealous Ghost

Years of Poltergeist Activity

Ouija Sends Mom to the Hospital

A Spook Feeds the Dog
The Ghost Thief
Strange Winter Phenomenon and Prints
Poltergeist Haunts This Old Fargo Home
Granny Returns for a Final Goodbye
The Haunted Convent School
Cuffy's Dog Spirit

Woman's Spirit Sought Comfort
The Ghost Wedding
The Bickering Ghosts

There's a Ghost in My House

John's Ghost Won't Leave

Mysterious Craft Over Long Island
The Ghost Team of Horses and Wagon
Ghost of the House Friend

Time Travel

Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Almost everyone has the urge to return to a time long gone but few ever have the chance to actually do it. Here are some true tales of people and objects who have mastered the art of travelling through time. 

Shadow Hat Man Seemed to Slow Down Time
Time Slip on the Road in Saskatchewan
Time Repeats Itself on London Street

Psychically Recorded Tunes From the Past