2015 True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

Stephen Wagner

Stories of ghosts, the paranormal and unexplained that readers swear are true


Followed by Poltergeist Activity
Weird Bird Occurrence
Classmate's Ghost
Good Driving or Guardian Angel
Sister's Impossible Separation
The Thing in the Hallway
Classmates' Doppelgangers
Hand from the Glowing Cloud
Ghosts of Blackberry Castle
Visit from the Mechanical Monster
Out-of-Body in the Record Shop Loo
The Creature in the Bushes
An Ominous Presence
Clap, Clap, Ghost
Daughter Remembers Shop from Previous Life
The Logs and the Ghosts
Ghost Hunting Incidents


Russian Ghost in the Barn
Tormented by Shadow Beings
Premonition of a Fall
Unexplained Flash of Light
Dream of Past Life Suicide
Ghosts in the Closet
Black-Eyed Man I've Encountered
Dad Wanted to Jam from Beyond
Woman's Shadowy Ghost
Life Saved by Mysterious Voices
Creepy Apartment Poltergeist
Taunted by an Unseen Entity
Time Warp on New Mexico Highway 41
Poltergeist from the Attic
Mysterious, Suspicious Highway Accident
Ghost in the Balcony
Saw Granddad's Spirit Leave His Body
Time Warp or Ghost Sighting
Awesome UFO Over Mission, South Dakota
Shadow Man of the Blackest Black
Inexplicable Cell Phone Mystery
Death Stood at My Bed
Head Injury Brings Demonic Attacks
Ichabod's Visit Home
Alien Gray Shopping at the Walmart
Vision of Ancient Past Life Love
The Weeping Ghost of Kerala
Karachi Poltergeist

MARCH 2015

Premonition of Tragic Accident
Educated About Some UFOs
Saved from Electrocution by Angel
Terror in the Graveyard
The Spirit Wanted Him
Deathbed Spirits
Dead Husband Apologizes
Battled an Evil Coven
Friendly Warning from the Phantom Hiker
Shadow Man Tried to Take My Soul
Comforted by Ghostly Smoke
Late Mother Reaches Out with Phone Call
Husband Haunts This House
Haunting Activity in Model Home
Doppelganger Car or Highway Dimensional Time Slip
Imaginary Friends Still Around

APRIL 2015

Black-Eyed, Soulless Creature
Bouncing Mysteries
The Ghostly Signal Light
Chess Piece Apparition
Angel Warning of Nasty Dog
Sharp-Tooth Black-Eyed Entities
Mysterious Circles Appear in Driveway
The Demonic Voice
Cat Communicates with Dead Sister
Saved from Suicide by Angelic Hand
Phantom Car on a Phantom Bridge
Incident at Devil's Den
The Ghost in the Chair
Tiny Impossible Runner
Renovation Stirs Up Shadow People
Ghost Dogs Always Around

MAY 2015

Civil War Officer Ghost
Ghost Dog Returns to Bed
OBE and Grandma's Ghost
Ice Cream Shop in Another Dimension
Voice Warned of Car Accident
Great-Grannie's Scraping Ghost
Haunted Barbie Dolls
Ouija Leads to Push by a Ghost
Mysterious Shoelaces Incident
Paralyzed by a Demon
Knocks and Death's Presence
Chupacabra Attacks Sheep
Boy's Energy Creates Entity
Psychic Protection from Demon
New Dog Energy Mystery

JUNE 2015

Legend of the Accident Ghost
Messages from Angels
Amazing Mother's Day Gift
Ghost Squirrel Haunts Cabin
Hat Man in the Woods
Evil in a Diner Restroom
Niagara Falls and Weird Energy
Ghost Boy in the Attic
Haunted Canadian Lodge
Ghosts Angered by Letter Burning
Black-Eyed Woman in Senior Community

JULY 2015

Treasure Inside Little Round Balls
Ghost Shouts in Ear
Glowing Eyes in the Woods
Mocking Entity in the Doorway
The Hunchback's Death Party
Night Demons in the Yard
Grandpa's Ghost Walks the House
Scolded by Ghosts at a Funeral
Skunk Ape Hassles Froggers
Ghost Helps Heal Spinal Injury
The Gray Entity of Memphis
Cowboy Shadow Man
The Ghost Bid Farewell
The Hammering Ghost
Ouija Patterns
The Sounds of Father's Wheelchair
Father's Message from the Other Side
The Perfect Look-Alike
Ghost Wanted His Attention
The Vortex


Attacked During Sleep Paralysis
Ghost Dog, Pennies, and Brother-in-Law's Spirit
Talking with Ghosts in the Night
Weirdness in Century-Old House
Events Repeat Themselves
Unexplained Creature at the Corral
Minister's Ghost Thankful for Forgiveness
Shadow Man Just Stood There
Crown Vision in Near-Death Experience
Pennies from Beyond
The Smiling, Waving Ghost
Shadow Man and Light Being in a Face-Off
Shadow Entity Keeps Peeking In
Puzzling Memory of the Storm
Luring Voice in the Blackout
Gray Blob in Haunted House
Angel Grabbed My Leg and Saved Me
The Eyes in the Window


Premonition Cat
Pterosaur Over Mississauga
Tall Entity in the Doorway
Room Alive with Colored Lights
The Vanishing Avocado
Grandparents' Ghosts Watch Daughter
Haunted Lincolnshire Home
Mysterious Man in White
Haunted Old Mobile Home
The Floating Hat
Curious Shadow Man
A Crack at the Door
Angel Helped at the Accident
Pecan Farm Ghost
Weird Sleep Paralysis Experiences
Grandma's Ghost Calls
Multiple Death Knocks
Civil War Cemetery Ghost
Ghostly Goings On Throughout the House
Hooded Beings from Other Dimensions
Young Blonde Ghost Looks Around
Attacked by Invisible Force
Gold Rush Ghost
Good and Bad OBEs
Poltergeist Interferes with Love Life


Saw My Grandfather's Ghost
Saved from a Cloaked Entity
The Hungry Shadow Man
The Young Ghost Lover
Recalls Murder in Past Life
Haunted Boarding School
Valentine's Day Poltergeist
Guardian Angel Watched Our Trip
The Day My Friend Disappeared
Ghost or Guardian Angel Prevented Accident
The Telltale Heartbeat
The Creature in the Trailer
EVP at the Cemetery
Ghost Sighting on Bangladesh River
Fed the Doppelganger Breakfast
Frightening Sleep Talk
The Haunted Gym
Mysterious Roadside Plastic Balls
Little Ghost from the Closet
Victim of Supernatural Warfare


Ghost in the Back Seat
Answer from Another Dimension
Ouija Spirit Provides Proof
Ghost of the Haunted Maze
Psychic Knowing of Daughter's Danger
Family History of Paranormal Events
Black Cloud Spirit
Encounter with the Soul Eater
Playful Ghost Hid the Screws
Time Warp on Long Island
Ghosts of the Desert Southwest
Dime Aports from Beyond
Slenderman Pokes Me in Bed
Ghost Walkers of Bull Creek
Today I Saw the Black-Eyed Devil
Saved by Mother's Message
Visions of Unfortunate Future Events
Rotting Cemetery Ghoul
Horse Witch of Evergreen Cemetery


Skinwalkers of New Mexico and Arizona
Mysterious Flying Smoke Ring
Ghost Responsible for Disappearing Objects
Dog Senses Something Amiss
The Skittles and the Ghost
Hambone Gives Me a Sign or Two
Huge Shadow Entity Follows Friend's Death
A Dream and a Pain Saved Her Life
Thunderbird or Huge Golden Eagle Sighting
Time Slip: Saw the Twin Towers Standing in 2011
Premonitions or Bizarre Coincidences?
Night Terrors and Poltergeist Activity
The Phantom Family Down the Lane
The Sea Captain's Ghost
Bigfoot Does Exist! Three Encounters
Warning from a Stranger
Angelic Encounters
Psychic Reunion

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