6 True Inspirational Books

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The most inspirational books are often true stories. These nonfiction stories from around the world will entertain and inspire you. 

'Have a Little Faith' by Mitch Albom

Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom

 Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom will inspire you to think more deeply about the role of faith in the lives of those you respect. The strength of Have a Little Faith is that Albom focuses on telling two men's stories rather than philosophizing on religion. As you read about Albom's rabbi and an inner city pastor in Detroit, you will be drawn into the narrative, and possibly lead to think through your own impressions of faith and religion.

'Zeitoun' by Dave Eggers

Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
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In Zeitoun, Dave Eggers tells the true story of the Zeitoun family's perseverance through Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath. Zeitoun is narrative nonfiction at its storytelling best, and Eggers valiantly provides writing worthy of the source material.

'Breaking Night' by Liz Murray

Breaking Night by Liz Murray

Breaking Night by Liz Murray is the true story of how Murray, who was born to drug-addicted, mentally ill parents, decided there had to be a way to change her situation. She enrolled in high school, completed it while homeless, and was eventually accepted to Harvard. Murray's story is truly inspirational.

'The House at Sugar Beach' by Helene Cooper

'The House at Sugar Beach' by Helene Cooper
Simon & Schuster

The House at Sugar Beach is a memoir about growing up in Liberia during a violent civil war. Helene Cooper is the daughter of one of Liberia's elite families, but after a coup threw her people out of power she moved to the United States, eventually becoming a journalist. In The House at Sugar Beach, Cooper delivers personal memoir, historical perspective, and journalistic reporting in one book that you won't be able to put down.

'Heat' by Bill Buford

'Heat' by Bill Buford

If you’ve ever wondered what life is like as a professional cook, you’ll love Heat by Bill Buford. And even if you’ve never harbored a secret desire to cook with the pros, you’ll be fascinated by Buford’s tale of politics, pressure, and the literal heat inside the world’s best kitchens.

'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert

'Eat Pray Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert's talent as a writer is evident in Eat, Pray, Love. She took a story and subject that could easily seem self-indulgent and told it with such humor and wit that readers around the world have not been able to put the book down.

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